Morna : goddess of death
42 You are just like Laccha parantha
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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42 You are just like Laccha parantha

Finally the day has come for Morna to return to mortal world, she had her four guards, where Andrea will work as her assistant whereas Rose and Lily will manage her living space with personal styling.Morna went to Overlord's door and gave her a knock it was opened to reveal dejected Overlord seeing his face Morna wanted to pull his cheeks as he did hers.

" Darling stop being so worried I will only spend my day there whereas my night will be yours, I have my guards and maids nothing will happen to me stop being a worry wort."

Overlord looked at her indulgently " what's your plan for Patrick family" ( Patrick is surname of Morna's dad, her gramp's family name is Eldwin) thinking of her dad and step mother and sister there was coldness and revenge flashing in her eyes.

For them Morna had a well thought out plan " I will take what they crave the most money, reputation, love and relation and finally their lives and being a CEO of Mischief will help me with my plan and for that I have to thank you"

Overlord smiled " yours words are not enough tonight you have to prove me how thankful you are" saying that he squeezed her buttock. Swatting his hands she grumbled " sometimes your action is like sleezy mafia boss enjoying his pleasure on his poor secretary"

Overlord started laughing at that " how did you know that I own biggest Mafia triad that rules all over country X" this news shocked Morna " are you serious" he just shook his head " baby I am boss of underworld and these decadent activities are part of my charm and I only deal with arms and security not in sex trade or drugs I am high above for that"

Morna replied " You know there is a famous Indian dish my friend Aanya used to love Laccha parantha it is crispy Indian bread with many layers and each layer is delicious you are just like that I want to peal your secrets away and eat you layer by layer"

Overlord felt laughter come out from deep within and he was laughing badly with tears coming out of his eyes " I will order some food for you from mortal world your hunger is killing me" this was said between his chuckles

Morna shook her head helplessly feeling embarrassed but happy that she improved his mood, she didn't know Overlord will soon find out her foodie side.

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