Morna : goddess of death
41 Reward and punishmen
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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41 Reward and punishmen

Morna sat inside her room gazing herself at a huge mirror where hers including her maids and four guards image were reflected. She remembered when she woke up in between the littered bodies her guard stood straight outside her door, there cheeks were flushed, breathing irregular and sweat dotted their forehead.

But her maids were nowhere to be found and she was sure she would find Rose and Lily among the bodies. There was a beautiful smile on her lips but her eyes were flashing coldly with anger. She calmly asked " how was your night, did you enjoy it" Rose and Lily bowed there head down in embarrassment.

She looked at her guards and said " You all have earned your place as my guard with lots of effort and today you were able to prove that, you all will earn double in your salaries and you can take one weapon each from royal storehouse".

There was excitement in there eyes but there expression serene. Then she looked at Andrea and said calmly " flog Lily and Rose 30 times" Suddenly they were on their knees but Andrea went to then took out sharp Hunter from behind her back and started flogging them " Morna sat there throughout the process the pain she gave them was exact balance between cruelty and mercy.

This flogging was painful but it will not mar their skins and would not cause physical harm to them. She went to her dresser took out medicine pouch Overlord gave her. She pulled out two identical glass bottles. she passes it to them and said softly

" remember I chose you as my maid, So your each and every action will reflect me. I don't want today's incident to be repeated. If you will give me your loyalty your life will be easy or else today's punishment is just a beginning. Next time you insult me or my reputation remember this back pain"

" these bottles have Indian pennywort, St John's wort, comfrey and aloe with some magical healing elements. It will decrease pain, prevent swelling and scarring." tears were flowing down there cheeks some from guilt and some from pain but today she earned respect in the hearts of her guards and maids and they will forever protect her with there life.

Morna went to Overlord's chamber he was checking some documents probably some death index and reincarnation ratios. She sat on his lap and played with his robe " darling do you remember your promise, my revenge and return to the mortal world. When will you let me go".

In return he pinched her cheeks " Darling I also told you I will never let you go. Your each and every night will be spent on my bed". I pouted " I also want that but how is it possible to do so" he grinned at me viciously " wifey your husband is ruler of underworld and creating portal is my expertise. I am not allowed to enter mortal world in coming two months but you can come and go as you please" .

He flicked his finger and a black hazy portal was formed it connects to your penthouse that I made for you. I jumped excitedly planning to check my new house but he swooped me in his arms and flicked his finger making portal disappear I protested but his kiss stopped me, in between the kisses he whispered " I think it's time to prove my worth to you or else once you use this portal you can run away my wife".

she kissed him soothingly " how is that possible hubby, you are my heart and soul " and just like that his anger disappeared making him amazed how much power this woman have on him".

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