Morna : goddess of death
40 you are a good horse
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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40 you are a good horse

Overlord banged against the door, holding me in his arm, his eyes were hazy and lustful he looked at me from head to toe when he flicked his fingers causing the black wedding gown to start fading and in few seconds I was standing naked in front of him with my hairs covering my chest, I was panting my red lips were swollen because of my biting them.

I would have felt shame but all I wanted was him inside my body, I was so lost, I was blindly holding him tightly, sub consciously I felt my nails causing scratches on his back, he was nibbling my breast , sucking my nipples I was in ecstasy between pain and pleasure. Suddenly I was thrown on the bed his face on my mound he flicked his tongue on my clitoris then started pumping his tongue inside my mound. I was screaming wildly.

Everything was hazy as if we were in other world, my throat was hoarse there was wetness on my thighs but it was like a never ending hunger and this continued for 16 hours straight without a single pause I can't remember how many times I came but if my wetness was a witness it was many times . When we were finally satisfied. I patted his shoulder and murmured sleepily " you are a good horse" and finally nudged his shoulder while settling in his chest and him hugging me tightly.

Next morning when I woke up Overlord was sleeping next to me his chest and back looked like he went through a hard fight filled with my bites and scratches they were healing fast but still many remained. I slid on my robe and moved outside the room when the sight in front of me baffled me.

whole corridor was littered with bodies....naked bodies littered in many sexual poses it was pretty cringe worthy and embarrassing view to see so early in the morning.

I felt Overlord behind me I turned to look at him with my hot and red face he chuckled and answered " that's your charm you are seeing my dear" looking at big question mark on my face he continued " yesterday at banquet hall as a ceremony drink the peach wine we drank was laced with aphrodisiac it caused your sexual impulse to rise and an aura was released around you and affecting other people at your vicinity. They all experienced same effect as you because of your aura.

In return I asked him " what about your lust and your aura " he grinned with arrogance " I am an Overlord of hell these minor extra elements can't even touch me, and " he pinched my cheek hard " you are newly made immortal your aura is not within your control and it's good population of hell is gonna increase this year because of your efforts my dear and as for me I am always willing to become your horse you just need to saddle me"

He left chuckling dodging naked bodies whereas I was seething with rage and embarrassment remembering I called him a good horse after we did that.

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