Morna : goddess of death
38 Kissssss
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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38 Kissssss

@@Finally the wedding started Minerva placed her hand on her chest and she combined her soul to the soul stone where essence of Overlord resided it gave bright violet colour which then divided into seven different colour which made everyone gasp as seven was auspicious colour and coming out of soul stone was very rare it denotes strong bond between the couple.

finally the light subsided and the stone sat on ring of Overlord. Voice of Minerva rang in the ceremony hall here by I commence the wedding ceremony of Overlord and Morna goddess of hell. Applaud rang in the hall loud cheer sounded through out the hall. Overlord held Morna closely in his arms. He whispered gently in her ears "I studied mortal wedding ceremony of your world and I think there is an important ceremony left.

Looking at him quizzically she was pulled in his arms when Luna's voice rang in the hall " you may kiss the bride" his lips were on her there was softness with bite of possessiveness she felt buzz in her head like current flowing through every part of body finally when they parted there was a reddish hue on her face . This time the cheer sounded was so loud it ranged throughout the underworld.

After the ceremony a banquet was organized that was a rave party rather than banquet. There was booze, sex and even drugs I raised my eyebrow at that Overlord explained " as people of underworld we don't get drunk or high these drugs are mere buzz for brain acting as stimulant and some time gives calming effect to them.

I wanted to protest but remembered a saying " when live in Rome live like a Roman. So, I maintained my silence and if people became angel in underworld than what will my devil do. while I was contemplating I was pulled in his arms causing me to squeal. He kissed my ears " it's time for our wedding night Mrs Devil"

I pulled him towards me " than what are you waiting for dear husband" And I was swept inside our chamber.

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