Morna : goddess of death
37 Game of warning
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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37 Game of warning

"Psst" holding her stomach Morna laughed loudly but her eyes were flashing anger " you have made a nice long list for all your so called helps you gave me in these lifetimes, should I give you a kowtow for that" Overlord was silent listening to her words he could feel her pulsing anger, he flew to her side held her hands tightly giving her all the strength she needed at that moment.

This was all I needed, him by my side swallowing the anger swirling in my body I continued " you were so eager to count your achievement, you neglected one thing I wanted the most and that was your support and your patience only thing you cared for were what are the things you wanted from me" she took a deep breath and continued " You know all the things I faced in these lifetimes there was one thing common and that was this man's belief for me"

" He has shown me his every aspect to me, hiding me nothing and whenever I wanted to wage a war he trusted me to fight all that on my own, giving me support from behind and all the things I achieved were because he was behind me assuring me, he will be there when I fall"

With the help of Overlord I flew to Minerva standing in front of her "you never asked me if I wanted Indra in my previous life, you never trusted my decision to save Overlord from prison of father, after my death last time you did nothing, you continued with your merry life whereas he proved my innocence to Supreme Lord, he cursed himself to send me to reincarnation pool and then since he found me he took every step just for me and you ask what right he have to marry me"

Minerva was angry at Morna but she understood what her daughter wanted for her to understand finally she relented " I am your mother and it was never my intention to count my actions I have done for's just that what I want is the best for you and if you think he is that, I allow you to marry him. I just have one request to commence this ceremony for you"

A flash of smile appeared on Morna's face she understood she could never completely sort her grievances with her mother but all she wanted was independence to make mistakes on her own without interference of her powerful parents " I am happy for you to perform our marriage".

Minerva sashayed to Morna and Overlord hugging them one by one congratulating them, when she came to Overlord she whispered pleasantly on his ears " If you ever hurt and cheat my daughter or put her in any form of harm I will castrate you and give you death worse than anything you have experienced in hell or all realm combined" after that she patted his cheeks warmly smiling " welcome to the family son "

Overlord suddenly became emotional hugging his mother in law saying loudly " thank you mother in law for coming back to Morna's life ,I know only you can complete this ceremony" suddenly he whispered " if you ever hurt my wife or bring a single tear in her eyes I have no qualms in making her motherless. I allow you here because that makes her happy, otherwise today all realms would have experienced another war between you and I "

Morna smiled warmly thinking " do they all think I am an idiot and can't understand there sneaky game of warnings,they were playing right in front of her, but she allowed them a moment of pleasure because she still has lifetimes to deal with this tricky family situation"

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