Morna : goddess of death
36 What did you do
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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36 What did you do

@@Listening to her Overlord let out a chuckle but there was a darkness in his eyes which caused shiver rise in their body, infact many in the audience stepped back. Suddenly his black wings spread wide and he flew down the aisle. He stood in front of Minerva and asked her chuckling

" You dare to ask for permission Goddess of war" now his face turned menacing " where were you when your daughter was dying, her body becoming paralysed and those who killed her laughing at her corpse"

His words were like a blast in my chest I felt blood surging in my body with anger that was rising in chest, he continued ignoring the gasp from the audience even Lady Luna removed her hand from my chest stopping exchange of soul with the soul stone " where were you when Lucas attacked her at last dimension, where were you when she fought with her destiny by tooth and nail and you claim to be her mother, what a joke"

Power was flowing like a current in the room raising hair in the arms of viewers when Morna stood at the end of stage she shouted " I don't have a mother, my mom died when I was born , so whoever you are I don't accept you as my guest what right do you have to come here and ask my husband for approval"

Now rage and anguish was mixed in the face of Minerva she still said with arrogance and proclaimed " you ask me if I am your mother, do you have any idea what I suffered for your mistakes, in your past life you helped this man steal a weapon of mass destruction from your father, you helped him escape, you died for your own foolishness and just for you I had to turn a mortal to give birth to you and die just to give birth to you and what did you do went back to the same man, do you think I should applaud you for that"

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