Morna : goddess of death
35 Wedding Bells part 2
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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35 Wedding Bells part 2

"There he stood My Man, I am sure I was the only one who could say I own the Devil, this bad boy is made for me, and the way he looked made me drool, I just wanted to hold his collar drag him to my room, shackle him and lick him from top to bottom like a popsicle in hot summer"

I raised my eyes to meet with his, the devilish smirk and mischievous smile on his face made me blush thinking " he reads my thought pretty well" I recovered quickly and met his smoldering gaze, how could I deny a challenge I let my lecherous gaze inspect his body and I let my tongue sweep over my lips I mouthed my thoughts to him " delicious"

Just then my Gramp coughed making me realize I was frozen at the entrance I panicked for a second looking at the audience waiting for us to perform our wedding but then I thought " today is my day, and fuck you if you will stop me from checking out my man" I held my Gramps arm and moved forward.

Finally we were in front of aisle Overlord was standing below the long sleek stairs waiting for me, the stairs were pretty slim and high making me wonder how would I climb them in this long gown and high heels when I felt his hand on my waist and he swooped me 100 feet above the ground to the stage where a gorgeous lady was waiting for us wearing white glittering gown.

I had to say she was the only one dressed in white making her more attractive I was in black, Overlord in black suit accompanied by rusty violet shirt and traditional printed tie. I have to say, this is the first time I saw Overlord in a complete assemble.

When we lived in palace believe me not he wore weird sweat shirts with different cartoon character printed on them, mostly there was a character from Batman but once I had to bleach my eyes when I saw Powerpuff girls on his sweat shirt with a geeky specks but his good look, Charm and aura made him look damn sexy.

When he proposed me he wore casual shirt and jeans but this was sexy on another level. I leaned towards him whispering " who is this lady, didn't you inform her that black was the dress code" he laughed out loud kissed me in my lips which embarrassed me making me blush he finally introduced her

" Morna this is Luna, the Moon goddess and my sister and she will commence our wedding as for her dress she thinks if she will wear anything else especially black all mortals will say moon has more spots than usual and those sneaky NASA people will come visit her which she thought disturbed her mood".

I looked at Luna she had part charming and part mischievous vibe with her which I thought was similar to Overlord. I smiled at her which she replied with a warm hug " Finally the day has arrived when the devil will be roped in, and I thought my brother would not be able to enjoy sex forever because of his stone dick"

Giggle escaped from my lips which was returned with a glare from the Overlord. Luna stopped her teasing seeing his brother anxious to start the wedding. Luna held my left hand with the ring and the soul stone while the other hand she placed on my heart when I felt the warm feeling swept towards the ring, I felt giddiness in my head, excited that finally I am getting married.

But suddenly Overlord stood in front of us as a guard making me nervous for his sudden action that's when I saw a huge fireball coming towards us at a fast speed, I stood frozen when Overlord swept his hand in front of him and a huge black shield covered all three of us, when a beautiful and musical laughter rang in the hall

" You dare to marry my daughter without informing her mother Overlord, don't you think you have gone overboard with this"

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