Morna : goddess of death
34 Wedding Bells part 1
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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34 Wedding Bells part 1

Morna sat on the chair while Rose and Lily did her hair and makeup. " My lady your skin has special shine since you obtained immortal body" Morna smiled slightly while humming occasionally thinking " when I died I am sure I had a remorse that I died a bachelor but who would have known king of hell waited for me bending on his knees in the underworld"

A giggle escaped my lips making my maids look at me puzzlement, just than Gramp coughed outside " if my granddaughter is ready, may I oblige her to allow me to take her to her groom" I smiled warmly at him holding his elbow I went outside my chamber to palace ceremony hall with my black grown my hubby gifted me and my glittering sandal peeking from my gown.

while I was walking I had a question which I was hesitant to ask my gramp but today was the day I think I was ready to ask the question hidden in my heart " Gramp can you tell me about mom?" suddenly gramp stopped in his track making me stumble, he looked at me for a second, gently placed my hair behind my ears and gave me a kind smile

" Doll I am glad you asked me about your mom I can only say she was beyond our world even when she was our daughter their was an aloofness in her nature, we were a family we loved each other but I always felt she was different like ethereal"

I was amazed about knowing my mom goosebumps could be seen on my arms, he continued seeing my expectant reaction "when she was 18 she left us saying that she needed to fullfil her destiny after almost a year she came back and asked me to arrange a marriage to your father initially I opposed it but she was insistent and after she gave birth to you prematurely she died leaving you in my care I took your father as my son but his continuous betrayal broke my heart but I didn't want to make you leave your father I stayed with that family, I am sorry doll" he sighed in regret making me squeeze his hand gently letting him know I was happy.

I looked at him waiting to know more " but what about when you came here in underworld did you and grammy asked for her " we did doll" he replied " but there was no record of her like she never existed in this world, we thought she went into reincarnation pool or her soul is still struck in earth cursing at you father and the decision she made"

Just then I noticed I was standing on the entrance of the ceremony hall. I took a deep breath held my black roses (with white pearls in between) tightly in my hand placed a smile on my lips as if devil was not waiting for me at the end of this path,but interestingly I was excited for the traps he laid for me and I was ready to entrap him in my charm, finally the door opened with and the song " I fell in the love with devil " from Avril Lavigne played out I felt a smirk listening to his choice of song.

song if you want to hear it's the link"

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