Morna : goddess of death
33 Long made Plan
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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33 Long made Plan

Just as drama was unfolding a shriek rang in the court a dishevelled woman jumped at Mary beating her face left and right shouting " bi*** I threw you outside my house but you made my husband send you to Lady Morna's courtyard where you conspired to harm my daughter"

Lord Roark wanted to cry " who informed his wife about this matter and she is creating such an ugly scene " suddenly the lady held Morna's legs asking her permission to kill her maid and punish her disloyal husband, saying she wanted to protect underworld from such type of man so, they would not corrupt other men of underworld"

Morna wanted to laugh at her antics but she went with the flow asking Overlord to punish them and Overlord being a loyal husband played with that " I want Excouncilman Roark to be placed in 8th level of hell and receive torture for one year after which he would be sent to reincarnation pool of animals where his mistress will follow and his legal wife will hold power of his household from now on"

Voice of begging rang in the hall and in this chaos Myra died from the poison, as her heart was slowly eaten by poison Mary was crying looking at Myra while Roark was shocked to silence and the family was dragged to their punishment.

After the matter was settled Overlord asked Morna to come to the stage he announced loudly " tomorrow Lady Morna and I will tie our nuptial from tomorrow feast will be given to all and celebration will continue for seven days, tomorrow moon ceremony will be done"

with that every one went out leaving Overlord and Morna with their respective trusted maids and guards Earlier dishevelled Lady Roark stood up elegantly and bowed to the couple " Lady Morna, Overlord thank you for curing the misery of my life".

Morna smiled at her " Lady Maya you used to be in name sister of Overlord when you married Roark he treated your marriage as farce, even killing your legal child and placing Mistress child for you to raise it took a lot from you to tolerate the patience to wait for today"

Overlord smiled at her gently " Maya I would have easily cured your problem but you would have to loose all your power that you were able to retain today I am happy for you"

Morna held her hand gently and smiled " Maya with the help of you I was able to clear a few pest from my and my husband's side" Overlord told be about you when I newly came here and he told me that I can prove to be his queen after I give you your dignity and finally I fulfilled your destiny"

After Maya left Morna went to Overlord " feeling proud dear hubby" she asked he held her tightly" I am always proud of you darling I knew you would handle this and you made it so easy"

I planted a kiss on his lips giggling " Hubby what can I do my hands were itching for some face slapping so, I did all that" And like that couple enjoyed their night with each other while their subordinate can only eat dog food looking at them.

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