Morna : goddess of death
32 Cat and Mouse play 2
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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32 Cat and Mouse play 2

" there are only three maid where is the fourth maid Roma"

"Roark you are dead now, you have placed last nail of your coffin in my hand" thought Morna but her look remained calm, with a pleasant voice she asked " Mr Roark I have been here not more than 3 weeks and in those days one week was spent in my test I didn't have time for your daughter, instead you know all about my Courtyard and me being Overlord's to be Queen you should have not placed your interest in my maid"

" now may I ask how do you know about my maid when I don't even know about your daughter" Roark was flustered still he replied " I have been in this underworld for very long time I know all about royal staff it is normal for me to know all about them, why are you hiding your maid, now it's your turn to answer"

"I killed her" replied Morna very calmly Roark had a smile on his lip and was ready to pounce when Morna ignored him and continued " She placed a sleeping incense in my room which caused me to fall in dead slumber when I woke up today I found my necklace was missing it was given by Overlord to me it had a hidden curse inside it and I was scared, blame would fall on me if any one wore the cursed necklace and as you can see the same is happening"

" Why would you wore a cursed necklace" asked Roark " because it belonged to me in my previous life and it was a mere coincidence that it looked similar to soul stone I even told Mary about it earlier I didn't know she will use this against chief wife and her daughter. As the curse was placed by me in my previous life because I was scared it will be misused so, I cursed it to anyone who wore it will die and his or her skin will be necrosed and see that's what is happening now"

" Mr Roark you just explained you know all about the staff inside the palace now may I ask you why did you send your mistress to work under me did you want to use my hand to kill your legal daughter and put your mistress Mary and her daughter as chief wife position"

Roark was agape " how did she found out Mary was my mistress when she used Roma to work for her and do her dirty work she thought her identity was hidden" all these thoughts flashed on his face making Morna smirk.

It was just her luck when she followed Roma to Myra she also found Mary leaving chamber of Roark secretly and it took few investigation for her to find out everything about Mar.

How she used Roma's name to place incense in her room to make her question Roma whereas she also made her use in stealing the necklace and delivering her to Myra with the promise she would add her in Excouncilman Roark's household like herself, that's why she killed her for crime of stupidity to follow Mary like a lamb to slaughter house

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