Morna : goddess of death
31 Cat and Mouse play 1
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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31 Cat and Mouse play 1

Just as Morna entered inside the court with her entourage a loud scream was heard. Morna looked at the center where so called Lady Myra was crawling on the floor while screaming in pain. Morna let out a chuckle " I never expected dignified Young Lady Myra in this condition, what ever happened Excouncilman Roark" this was asked with a raised eyebrow and smirk on her lips which caused Overlord to smile while Roark lunging at her in rage.

Her four guard and three maids stood in front of her in protection. When captured Roark released long stream of curses " you bitch, you did this, it's all because of you" Morna moved out of the shadows of guards went to Overlord's throne and confidently sat on his lap " How would I do this Excouncilman Roark I have never met your daughter before how could I do this to her"

Roark let out a roar " because you are jealous and you gave her your poisonous chain this all happened because of this my daughter's body is slowly necrosing " Morna looked at Overlord lightly placed her hand on his cheeks " Darling he said I am jealous of her, is she more beautiful than me" listening to her cooing how could Overlord lag behind " Darling you are the most beautiful while she is a mere swine roaming in the gutter how could she compare to you"

Excouncilman could only vomit blood in this statement " his most precious daughter compared to a swine that to roaming in the gutter and this bitch is most beautiful" He wanted to beat Overlord to the pulp but he could not do it instead he shouted loudly " Dear members of council and all souls of underworld listen to my plea"

"This woman sitting there" this was said pointing to Morna who was happily eating grapes from Overlord's hand was first slap on his face unknown to him many more to come after that, irrespective of his anger he continued " she asked her maid to give soul stone to my daughter saying she deserved to be with him, while my innocent daughter accepted this as her goodwill but who would have known this was a poisonous chain and it started eating my daughter's flesh from inside and can't be removed once she wore it now look at her condition"

All gazes fell on painful creature lying on the floor and curious gazes fell on Morna who was giggling at something Overlord said while he was grinning this was a rare scene seen by very few, still some brave creatures came forward asking for mercy.

Overlord felt irritated and was about to ask guard to kill them when Morna felt his deadly vibe. So, she calmly patted him on his head and he calmed down. Some were in anguish " when did Overlord became a puppy, from wild Lion" A cold look flashed on her eyes when she descended from her thrown Others would have been happy for bringing her down from his lap but just from her pose, elegance, aura there was a shudder that passed throughout the hall.

" Mr Roark as you said my maid was the one who gave your daughter my soul stone now may I ask when did she gave he this and which stone was given to her as my own soul stone is still with me" this was said as she flashed her ring which was inconspicuous earlier on her hand suddenly shone in bright violet colour "

Roark was shocked seeing her holding her ring with a poise he was curious how could she carry the stone as a ring when all women wore it on her neck in the underworld " Overlord you can see this women made this plan as she didn't wore the stone on her hand rather than her neck isn't she planning some mishap"

Morna started chuckling on that which infuriated Roark while Myra was gasping as all her energy seeped out from her body she replied " Mr Roark I came from mortal world where our engagement ring is worn on hand maybe you had been dead for too many centuries to remember that"

Roark gritted his teeth " Overlord what about the maid that gave her the necklace" this was the moment Morna was waiting for she wanted to play more with him but still asked

" May Overlord point out the outrageous maid for me"

Roark looked at the guard as they shifted to reveal the group of maids finding only three and not the one he wanted he looked disgruntled " there are only three maid where is the fourth maid Roma"

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