Morna : goddess of death
30 Crime of stupidity
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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30 Crime of stupidity

@@Next day Morna lazily slid out of the bed, she asked Rose to prepare water for her bath and her cloth, Rose bowed and went to complete her order after getting ready. She called for her maids. She sat on her seat like a queen with a smile lingering on her lips this continued for half an hour where maid continued standing when a knock rang outside the chamber.

Three burly man and one woman entered the chamber with huge sword hanging on their waist they all bowed down to Morna. If any one else would have seen this, they they would felt their jaw unhinged they were 4 royal guards of Overlord himself among the 12 guards that guard him. They loudly called out their name taller one was their leader his name was Tanner, muscled one was Big, short one was Leo and women was Andrea they bowed politely towards Morna.

Morna looked at them for a brief time there was respect but not acceptance in their eyes but she didn't let it affect her as she will gain everything she deserved and acceptance can be earned not snatched. She called out " Andrea I want her neck" this was said pointing towards Roma all four maids were in their knees begging for mercy but their was no change of expression in her eyes.

Just then Andrea flashed behind Roma held her neck and slashed it without hesitation letting blood spurt from her neck. Suddenly everything was silent. Suddenly Tanner bowed down at Morna " My lady our duty is to follow all your order but may I dare to ask the reason for it".

Morna looked at him for a while " This is your first time so, I am willing to explain but remember you are not here for me to explain you the reason but just to follow my words and as for her she got this as her crime for stupidity".

She looked at them with a smirk and let her eyes roam on her four maids but instead of explaining further she stood up and went out saying " It's time to start the drama and for that I need to go to my Main Lead" with that she moved out.

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