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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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28 Amethys

" What do I have to do tomorrow, is it any different than mortal wedding" Morna was a curious little cat who wanted to know everything and how could evil fox....I mean evil Overlord not use this opportunity

" tommorow we will marry under moonlight and you have to drink a bowl of fresh blood and I will suck your blood from your carotid" looking at her disgusted face Overlord burst laughing " I have to ask author in mortal world to stop dramatizing the Vampire culture, now see people have vivid imagination".

Morna's face was agape in surprise "this wicked man".She started beating his chest " Evil you are a pure evil, wait until I will teach you a similar lesson" he pulled her in his arms then started kissing her eyes, nose, lips " you can try darling I am at your disposal" I was too busy enjoying his kisses when I felt a delicate chain in my neck I glimpsed down at it confused hanging on the chain was a huge amethyst stone violet in colour

I looked at him with questioning gaze he held my hand " this is soul stone before our marriage the bride need to wear her husband's energy for twenty four hours. So, at the time of marriage moon will absorb your energy and trap it inside the crystal after this I will wear it as proof of our marriage like a marriage band in your culture.

Wow what a beautiful custom and I thought destination wedding was awesome but standing below the moon and mixing our energy was much better, then a thought made me giggle he looked at me strangely " what's so funny" he asked

" in most of the culture men are not compelled to wear symbol of marriage while women has to adorned a lot of stuff like my friend Aanya Sharma who is an Indian always wore vermilion on her forehead, wore bangles and many more while men were free from such things which angered her a lot and now see from tomorrow you will wear my symbol".

he suddenly pulled me on his lap and bit my neck while purring at my ears he replied to my comment " Don't worry darling I will mark you in so many places it will be difficult for other people to deny my ownership on your soul and body" I pulled my hair to cover the blush on my cheek I could only push him away saying " pervert " .

" Just for you darling, just for you" he replied grinning I was enjoying this playful exchange when an idea came to my mind, there were still some pest that I needed to remove I looked at Overlord " Dear is there a way you can make a duplicate copy of this while hiding the presence of amethyst on my neck. Looking at my face he knew that my mind was cooking some devil scheme , instead of questioning he replied " as you wish my darling"

" it's a great feeling to have Overlord at my beck and call" again he bit my neck making me squeal. Just as he promised there was an amethyst at my neck with a little twist which he refused to tell me making me curious, while original turned into a ring which was invisible to normal eyes if made to look with power only with higher level can see through it. I was impressed with his quick action as I made him leave the room which he was reluctant to do so . I called my four maid back in the room.

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