Morna : goddess of death
27 Power Couple
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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27 Power Couple

@@Although Overlord didn't like this bird but he still had to be pleasant with guy for the sake of Morna so, he plucked the guy ignoring his pleas and Morna's reluctance held him in his palm and let his energy heal him from inside, he already knew what he did for Morna in the last Dimension where he risked his life just for her sake.

Earlier Flap-Flap was anxious about what was he gonna do to him but then he felt an energy healing his old wound that he suffered while fighting with Lucas and his size was gradually increasing without any negative effect. After a while he opened his eyes to see he wasas big as humans, his size before Morna's death used to be that of a ship but this was not bad compared to his fist size shape , that's when he saw his reflection in the mirror

" where is the beautiful redness of my feathers why am I all black with patches of red in between. Master he was jealous of my beauty and made me all ugly" Morna rolled her eyes "if you will not stop your antics I am gonna ask him to shrink you again"

Hearing his master's word Flap-Flap became anxious he could not shrink again " No No master consort is best he made me powerful, and I can shed these feathers in few time" Overlord ignored his presence and looked at Morna "Now are you willing to marry me "

Morna nodded her head in shyness but Overlord was not satisfied " I want your word Morna, you have no idea how long I waited for this moment" Morna stood up in between his legs than kissed him softly "I am willing to marry my king, my devil let's create a chaos making this universe tremble below our powers".

Overlord liked this side of his wife " Let's do that Mrs devil tommorow will be the start of our journey, your revenge and our assent to become most powerful entity in this world".

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