Morna : goddess of death
26 Overlord Vs Flap-Flap
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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26 Overlord Vs Flap-Flap

" What are you serious Mischief is run by you" he grinned happy at my reaction " baby, girls love bad boys and where will you find them other than hell and as for girls I represent sin and sin represents me I have many female demon to attract men" I was excited knowing his power then I thought something " I know Mischief is for bad boys and girls and Nirvana is symbol for angels, then...."

He gave me a nod and rubbed my head " I knew my darling was quick, Mischief is for hell and Nirvana is for heaven" he looked at me with serious expression " I will support you in everything, but I don't want you to deal with Nirvana in any way because in next 3 month I can't visit mortal world"

I looked confused " why can't you come to mortal world in next three months" he was embarrassed " when your soul went in reincarnation pool to search for you, I caused a bit of chaos in mortal world like storm, landslide, some earth quake so I was banned to enter mortal world in first 6 months of each year, I can only enter mortal world from July to December"

I was exasperated with his curses " why do you have all form of curses, do you do anything good to earn a boon" he looked at me innocently " baby are you seriously asking this from Devil himself" I grinned at him what he said was true, if devil started doing good deeds than what would heaven do.

while this conversation was going Inside the energy pool of Morna

A red bird opened his eyes and looked around his surrounding I hope this time my sleep lasted few days not century like last time, he coordinated his thoughts with his master when he saw his master in the arms of a man he zoomed on his face and panic sat in " No not him again last time master died because of him, he can't be masterless again".So, he flew outside of her body shocking the couple enjoying each other

Overlord was enjoying biting her neck when a form of energy surged out of her body alerting him in a second he had his sword in his hands pointing at little bird that was flocking above them " Master what are you doing you are a pure maiden, you can't align yourself with devil, I did not made you my master for this day, you are very disappointing you know"

Overlord "_"

Morna "_"

" why does this feel like I was caught in action by my parents" thought Morna whereas Overlord was burning in anger he flashed his finger at Flap-Flap's face drowning him in water which was painful for a bird with fire element in his body.

"Master he is hurting me whoooo, he is bad master I was your loyal servant I helped you in all the chakras and even enlarged my body just for you without thinking of consequences" Listening to his pleas Morna jumped in his defence glaring at Overlord

" have you not heard the saying hurt the pet, injure the master and he is my most loyal dog" looking at Flap-Flap's face I corrected " I mean he is my most loyal bird" if you will lay a finger at him I will not speak to you for a decade"

Overlord turned his puppy dog eyes at me while suddenly holding Flap-Flap in his arm he touched its feather gently and said " I understand baby I will not lay a single finger on him I promise" while suddenly he whispered in little bird's ears " I will not lay a finger but crush you below my feet if you dare to give ideas like this to my Queen"

Flap-Flap "_"

"master save me, you are like a mother for me I don't like this father"

Morna "_"

"what mother, what father you are not more than a pet for me, he is king of underworld and my energy pool is your world, don't talk nonsense ok"

Listening to them Overlord was confused whether to be proud or anxious, as his value is based on his power not on his charm. he thought he just have to make this woman feel powerful to secure his place in her heart. He stood up ready to go out. Morna looked at him and asked " where are you going"

Overlord was serious he replied " to work overtime, I need to become powerful or some stupid bird will provoke you to leave me" Morna pulled him by his nape " Don't worry for this stupid bird he can't provide me what you can"

Flap-Flap " what master" Morna looked at Overlord's pant below his belt and grinned. Flap-Flap's face was more red than usual while Overlord grinned at her like naughty child.

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