Morna : goddess of death
25 Surprise Surprise
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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25 Surprise Surprise

My room disappeared and in its place was an open, not empty room but space as in universe there was freaking Mars below my feet with meteorite flashing by my side, I have seen all form of 3D effects but this beat them all and believe me not a dinner table was floating in between all of this.

I was scared to move inside fearing to fall in the abyss but he was behind me he sneakily placed his hands on my waist and he flew me towards the table I looked at him " Is it all real?" he smiled " yes darling this is all for you my love and this is just an appetizer more to come" I was anticipating more looking at his mischievous eyes.

A delicious meal appeared in front of me from hamburger to fries to chocolate shake. I giggled how did you know I like this rather than fancy meal with steak and wine. He smiled tenderly " Darling how could I not know everything about you after all you spent two life times with me" I was happy slurping on my shake when a huge bowl of chocolate with marshmallow and strawberries was placed in front of me while I was in training by my Gramp I was forbidden to eat all this and they began my source of dirty pleasure.

" Now I know all my secrets were disclosed by gramp because this desert was made by him every time I was upset or excited" he rubbed his neck and looked guilty I smirked " I am happy at least you tried to be a Sherlock rather than bypassing my wishes and doing things on your own"

" Darling if you are ice cream I will always be the cherry on top how can I do anything on my own when I have my dear wife to guide me and walk all the future path with me" after for almost an hour he delivered his corny cheesy lines and I could only giggle and hold my stomach to laugh.

As I was laughing he flicked his finger and the beautiful space around me disappeared I would have been sad if what awaited me didn't took my breath away a gorgeous black satin gown with Ruby and diamond glistening all over it, it had lacy plunging neckline, it's sleeve was also lace with tight till elbow than flowing in forearm, it was accompanied by silver strapped sandal and a tiara .

" this is my own version of fairy tale for me, thank you". it was so beautiful that even if I was not willing to marry I would have married just to wear it once than add devil himself on his knees with a beautiful black diamond ring in the mix.

I screamed " Yes!!!" I was in his embrace with me kissing him I was so happy that I was giggling while kissing him. He looked at him and said " I need to work on my moves to make you speechless" a laughter burst from inside me I bit his earlobe and whispered " you need to work a lot, I have heard practice makes a devil perfect" then I let out a moan with his hand roaming in my body, we let our pleasure talk for ourselves for few more hours before we were panting in each other arms.

He moved his hand and a file moved in his hand which I failed to notice was placed in the center table earlier I looked at him quizzically on its top was written Mischief in bold letters I knew this name as it was the biggest entertainment industry in the mortal world competing with Nirvana entertainment which was second after that. He placed those file in my hand " Welcome Mrs Devil as new CEO of Mischief entertainment and co" .

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