Morna : goddess of death
24 Proposal
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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24 Proposal

He laughed out loudly turning himself while placing me below me he again started to kiss my neck, shoulder before he could reach my breast I slapped his roaming hand while he grinned at me his little devil was saluting me while he was giving me puppy dog looks " Darling you have immortal body you can heal any injury instantly and you tear down there is already healed, I tested his words and to my surprise I was already pain free.

I grinned at him pulling him towards me and it continued for 18 hours. Now I was panting I looked at him exasperated " I think if we continue I will die from tiredness even my juices are dry now" He grinned at me " Don't worry baby my fluid is enough lubricant it is enough for us, and even if it dries up I will use my mouth to make you wet"

I glared at him while hitting his shoulder "shameless we already did it 25 times silver jubilee is over I have no mood for gold" he pouted at me but seeing my glare he pulled me in his arms and brought me to the luxurious bathroom he placed me in a pool size jacuzzi and started massaging my body.

" Do you like it I can give mean foot massage after this I will start that" I was too relaxed to hear his chatter and ignored his talking while dozing in the pool " tomorrow I will send invitation to heaven, all audience from hell already know about our nuptial"

I stood up in the pool in my naked glory to shout at him " we are getting married, what about the proposal" he gave his Cheshire cat smile at me "baby last 18 hour were already a big proposal for you if you want I can spend more hours on that "

I started throwing all the bottles placed near the pool at him aiming for his head his wings swooshed out he was hanging at the air far above my range to hit him. I growled loudly at him " Listen Mr Devil don't expect anything from me without a grand proposal" with that I tied the sash of my robe and stuttered out of bathroom to my own bedroom not interested in sharing my bed with him.

My four maid bowed down seeing me come outside the room I ignored them not in the mood for them and moved to open the door and what waited me inside made my jaw hang to the ground.

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