Morna : goddess of death
23 Pin of reality
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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23 Pin of reality

R18 children skip if you want to....

Holding me tightly in his arms he just looked at me from head to toe. There were some scratches and bruises on my arm, for me they were trivial but not for him. He looked enraged and growled loudly " call palace doctors" holding me tightly he dragged me to the bedroom.

Lying on the bed surrounded by team of doctors was not my plan for fun, I grumbled " there were few scratches not the big deal, you know while in the dimension I turned my body to immortal just to have some romp in the bed, I don't like this" This was said with a big pout on my face.

Seeing my pout he grinned and leaned over me and whispered in my ears " Darling bear with me, once these doctors give you Ok I will make you scream so loud it will echo to the mortal world". I bowed my head hiding my red cheeks.

After thorough examination by doctor I was given a clean chit. Doctor stood beside Overlord and whispered something in his ears which was clear sign they didn't want me hear the matter which I was sure was about me . I was curious but didn't let them know about it. I waited for them to leave when Overlord returned I pounced on him and said in between the kisses

" You have done great promotion about your ability can you prove anything about that" Suddenly I was on air with overlord flying above the ground with the help of his majestic black wings he grinned seeing my awe " many have done it on bed, table etc but baby I am gonna make you fly " he slashed my robe with his sharp long nails which turned to normal size after making me bare in front of him.

I used my hand to hide my perked nipples and below region but he removed my hands and said in a hoarse voice " Don't ever hide from me" he placed my nipple in his mouth while fondling with the other, I groaned letting my head rest on his neck to release my building pressure I sucked his neck which increased his pressure on my breast I let out the moan I was on a thin line between pain and pleasure.

he brought his hands to my clitoris making me arch my back I just wanted him inside me and I said the same to him but he gave his devilish smirk " baby we have all night and this is just the beginning" I bit him on the chest which made him grunt. He looked at his chest at my bite mark which made him more hard on my

abdomen I let my finger play with his dick making him release his breath in a rush.

I let my finger play with his tip which released white spurt on my hands which I sucked in between my red lips he hissed seeing that he brought me to bed pushed me down and entered inside me I screamed due to his size and girth blood was oozing from my vagina as it soaked the bedsheet. He stopped his movement for a while when I eased my grip from his penis he started to move which led pleasure dance through my body.

this continued for half an hour before we found our release I felt sweat drip from my face with hazy vision I looked at his satisfied smile I grunted " No doubt you are a devil in the bed" I felt his huge wings cacoon me like a silkworm they were so soft I can't describe anything as soft as those. I let my fingers play with those.

" Where were these I have never seen those before" he moved on his back holding me with him I rolled on his chest and settled there with a yawn, he replied " they come out in three cases fear, flight and rage" before you I never felt any fear Last time they came out when you were in 7th circle with Lucas but you were too out of it to notice my magnificence.

I rolled my eyes at his boasting " you are too full of it, be careful when you roll out of this room or your bubble of ego will burst when pinched by my pin of reality".

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