Morna : goddess of death
22 Honey I am home
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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22 Honey I am home

I placed her unconscious body near a pillar my hold on her was gentle but inside a lava was erupting to wreak the havoc. I turned to Lucas and sent a blaze of hell's fire towards him which he tried to dodge but failed to do so and it was absorbed inside him.

I smirked at him and asked " by any chance do you have a misconception just because I didn't have Lazerbeth sword it would be difficult for me to defeat you, what you don't know is that it was just a newly formed toy I heard about and wanted to experiment with and do you think you escaped from prison but it was me who released you to find a reason to play with the sword"

As I finished speaking I looked at his pale face which was pale not only in anger but also for hellfire that he absorbed inside him it was burning him from inside, he had a boon of self healing but same goes for hellfire it never seize to burn and he was understanding it now.

Still stupid man attacked me in the hope I will kill him to save himself from misery and make Morna fail as he turned himself as her final test what he didn't know I am considered most cunning guy ever born I even tempted Eve for apple, I flicked my hand and disappeared and stood behind him and with a sword made from hellfire cut his tail.

he was screaming but I was the most unforgiving guy ever born I just tied him like a goose and went to Morna I placed my hand in her forehead letting healing energy flow into her she opened her beautiful eyes I smiled gently at her " you still need to complete the test which I can't help you with you just need to do two things kill his illusion I will interrogate his remaining part in hell and just embrace the abyss darkness is the most pure form of energy"

I turned to now tied up Lucas as Overlord disappeared his last words were " Come back home soon darling" I smiled at him then turned to Lucas placed my hands on his chest and let my energy crush his heart he collapsed when a scream recoiled in the space. I turned to my energy pool as Flappy swam with closed eyes still unconscious I touched his feathers gently and said " rest well my friend" then I turned to the void below the ring and jumped in anticipation of meeting my King.

I felt swimming when my stone vibrated and flew towards me like a white light enveloping me I felt something in my hand one was a sword and other was rope both white in colour and then they disappeared on their own.

then I was standing at Overlord's study where I found him waiting for me I jumped at him placing my leg around his waist kissing him deeply and smiled shyly " Honey I am home"

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