Morna : goddess of death
21 Long Awaited Figh
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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21 Long Awaited Figh

Overlord's palace

Yama sat in front of similar teleportation he gave to Morna, he brought all the energy source he had inside him and transferred it inside the stone but it was a long process to condense it's power into a form of red blood like drop he let it flow into the creases of the stone where dark energy was coursing through.

after about half an hour which felt like a lifetime as stone was slowly loosing it's luster and it was a precarious situation for him as the chances of survival was decreasing slowly, finally his energy condensed in a drop he let it fall on the stone it sizzled as it moved to cover it, his powers were fighting for black forces.

If it had been other deity it would have not been possible for them as it required a dark magic to combat the dark energy flow and Overlord was epitome of darkness it's just that some forgot what he could do because of his long silence in hell after he lost Morna in her previous life.

In the Last Dimension

Flappy was a bird and they were highly susceptible for environment changes which alerted him of another energy source entering the dimension as he was not familiar with Overlord he failed to identify him.

" Master is there another enemy out there who wants you dead, as another entity just entered this realm" I was confused for a while then it enlightened me " Flappy we need to waste his time as help is coming for us"

but this was not easy for Flappy as he forcefully accepted his power they were reducing at fast rate and Morna can't hurt the guy so she shouted " come inside my body to energy pool, you did good now let me do the rest" Flappy was unwilling but it was his compulsion to accept his master's wishes does he went back and Morna was alone to face Lucas.

" Finally you are willing to fight me

Lady Demornna" this was the name I had in previous life and it was weird to be called that again. "Lucas I don't think you deserve for me to fight with you, don't you remember how you were crushed badly by my hand"

He guffawed loudly " you could defeat me not because of your effort but with Lazerbeth sword your Overlord stole from your father and Overlord himself had to work hard with you to defeat me"

I smirked at him " I don't think you should forget that you right now is a mere illusion you sent for me, and for this I myself is enough and don't forget I am future Queen of Death and I should start my sacrifice for my King with your death body"

He ran towards me with his long nails coming for my face I let my body do it's magic on the basis of muscle memory that I found in 5th Chakra I swiped left but still it hit my shoulder making me realize that I have increase to my reaction time.

He roared and swished its tail towards me coiling around me making it difficult to move. I struggled for a while then bit Into his tail and didn't let it go, he became agitated as I remembered in my previous life his tail was his precious part which caused him pain otherwise his body was hardcore and difficult to hurt.

He uncoiled me and threw me far I spit out the blood that poured in my mouth.I stood up and started running around the plain thinking that my agility could compromise his strength but in a flash he stood in front of me grinning at me viciously " today you will die , tommorow your Overlord and after that my power will be unleashed in this world"

I looked at him and spit at his face " Do you think Overlord is a popsicle that you can suck, chew and throw even after my death his rule will prevail and as for me I will return to his side again and no one can stop that"

There was no escape route left for me and my body constitution was weak to withstand the attack he threw at me. I smiled at me my hair's flowing widely like my mood.

I stood on the open field and waited for thunder to strike the sky and as I calculated the pattern it will be any time now, I opened my arms and let electricity course through me lightning my body making me float in the sky my body was becoming weak as electricity ran in my veins even my pupils turn while after channeling it at my core I reflected it back to him.

This strike hurt him throwing him for few meters long gashes were seen on his body and blood dripping from them, I smiled at him with blood running out of my mouth I lifted my middle finger shouting loudly " your Death has come knocking on the door Lucas knock knock"

and after that I fell on the ground I knew darkness was enclosing me I let hate and coldness flash in my eyes for Lucas. "Noooo " rang in the field when Morna felt a muscular arm holding her, she smiled thinking " he looked sexy when he was in anger" and everything faded to darkness.

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