Morna : goddess of death
20 Sacrifice of Flappy
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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20 Sacrifice of Flappy

This time when Morna went Inside the portal she felt wrong like ,sticky webs holding her and pulling her to somewhere else, finally it ended after a while, she looked around and it was the spookiest place she has ever seen, As an assassin she had seen things that she thought were worst but this place proved me wrong.

this place was like a thick ring with abyss below it you can't fall down, neither can you move freely , everything else was dark only light source was the lightning that striked the sky every few second. Suddenly Flap-Flap burst from my body he was fluttering like full of caffeine, his face in panic " master you have to run fast he is coming" I didn't understand what was happening, he started pulling me from my fingers.

his strength surprised me for small bird he was able to pull me with him, it tried to pull me for few distance then stopped " No this won't work, master pull out the stone and break it with your energy only then would you be saved"

I was confused and alert to see what made Flap-Flap panicked to this state, still i decided to pull out my stone and break it but my pocket was empty, so was my hands " Stone is lost" I looked at Flappy which made him pale irrespective of being a red bird which would have been funny if in other situation.

I looked around to analyze the threat but I can't find anything that was a threat until I looked up. An animal and human like being floated in the sky his eyes were red and a huge tail swishing behind him. I looked at Flappy and whispered so, not to alert the monster " Who is he? "

he was gittery but it didn't stop him from looking at me as if I was stupid then whispered "Lucas,Master you fought with him in your previous life but that time Overlord helped you and this time you are alone"

Oh shit I looked at the sky and shouted loudly " This is cheating" Flappy put his feathers on his head as if he was having headache which made me think " do mystical birds have headache" Flappy came to my face " master this is not helping, you alerted him. Why do I have to choose you as my master".

I tilted my face analyzed Lucas and shouted at him " what do you want, technically I don't know you, if you want you can hang in the sky whole day I have no problem, but let me go"

he gave a dangerous laugh I looked at Flappy and whispered" I think he likes me, I think he will let me go " by the look on Flappy's face he didn't think so. A long snake like rope coiled towards me and wrapped itself around my neck letting me hang 6 feet from the ground.

Flappy chirped around me " I didn't think it is the right time but I don't have any other way" With that he elongated itself in a huge bird about the size of a truck and attacked the snake like rope freeing me, then he attacked Lucas

he threw fireballs at him which burned him but didn't cause much damage he was grinning like a maniac " I shouted at Flappy don't do this, you could die"

" Master make a beautiful tombstone at underworld for me" which made panic rise within me.

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