Morna : goddess of death
19 Dare to provoke the devil
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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19 Dare to provoke the devil

@@At the mansion of Overlord

These days were tough for people of underworld as there boss had gloomy look and deadly glare which made many souls to jump into the reincarnation pool and some in hurry jumped in the pool for animal incarnation, overall it was a chaos it had already been 6 days and there future queen would face her 7th and last dimension They prayed for her return or there was nothing that can save them.

For last 6 days, each night he would sit in his study and looked at the other part of teleportation stone which was a clone he prepared with his power it was used to track her situation as long as she was safe this stone will show vitality, this was the only thing that calmed his heart.

it was late night when a dark energy flashed through Overlord's window it slowly crawled in the room and entered the stone, it formed two cracks showing that it was shaded with dark energy.

while on other side sudden council meeting was called and it took half of the night for some stupid fight between members and another issue went in the meeting was about re-establishment of Councilman Roark which was irritated him to no end at some point he stood up as something was fishy.

why this meeting all of a sudden he went through everything he could think and in few seconds he got it. He stood up called his guard " hold all members of council don't let any one out, collect all their communication sources" meeting hall was bombarded with Overlord's elite guards and cries were rang through the walls.

After that he disappeared and came to his study room where teleportation stone was lying on the table with two prominent cracks on it. His roar shook the walls and all he could think of

" they dare to provoke the devil, devil is provoked, they will experience new hell where only death,decay and destruction will prevail if his queen was messed with"evil glint flashed through his eyes, if anyone saw this they would have experienced seconds death in underworld.

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