Morna : goddess of death
17 Master Fighting!!!
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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17 Master Fighting!!!

@@As I was slowly stepping back I called out loudly " Flap-Flap I need you to help me get a way out, you must know something" I looked around me searching for little birdie, a small voice came within me " Master I am a little bird, I just came out of the nest, how can I help you and you are self sufficient for it I have known you for two lifetimes these monsters are mere pest for you"

I grumbled at useless bird and searched for the exit, he called for me again I was hopeful that he must have a plan but stupid bird formed a fist with his feathers and shouted loudly "Master fighting!!!".



this useless bird...just as I was preparing to run a sharp paw came towards me and instinctively I jumped as if my body remembered what it had to do, even I was amazed at my agility.

now I did a quick sweep and only exit I found was at end of bridge and in between there were five monsters it made the situation tricky but I closed my eyes took a deep breath and let my body do all the work.

A sweep here, a dash there, a jump here, a roll there it was as if I was merely watching some action movie instead of fighting them on my own.

at some point I was laughing because in frustration monsters were attacking each other and like magic I entered the cave that was at the end of it, as soon as I entered inside everything cooled down instantly the monsters started sleeping again as if the was didn't happen just now.

I was confused what happened just now, yes I had special force training that my gramp made me to do when I was abroad but this speed, this agility I never possessed I poked the guy swimming inside my energy pool " hey how was I able to do that"

he grumbled at me " Master I told you you can do it, don't forget you were daughter of God of War in your previous life these pest were like a plaything for you. Just then my transportation stone started vibrating and I let it swipe me towards next dimension.

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