Morna : goddess of death
16 Master what did I do...ouch
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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16 Master what did I do...ouch

My eyes were closed I was scared to open them what if I saw the same scene again I was not willing to see it this time, while closing my eyes I called out loud " Flap - Flap I want you here now "

just then I heard twittering close to my ears "Master I am here, please don't be upset it was all your test, what you saw was not real " he replied " are you sure about that because I remember seeing it with my own eyes and it was too real for me to think otherwise" I asked him.

" Master it was made so that to test your patience and your heart if you had killed Overlord in your rage or let Myra kill him in your resentment you would have failed the test" his reply shocked me to my core. he Flapped his wings around me twisting his neck curiously " master may I ask why didn't you kill him or let Myra kill him".

I grinned wickedly at him and replied " because I wanted to make him live his life in regret because he was the cause for my death and without me his body would have returned to stone form which would have been another hell for him, as for Myra what do you think Overlord would have done to her for trying to kill him"

" Master you are too cool to be true, I definitely selected right master for me" Flap - Flap was happily flapping his wings, while I was frowning inside because I knew why I didn't kill him because I didn't want to lose him and it scared me to admit that.

A thought made me to pinch his feathers causing him to grumble "Ouch... Master what did I do , why are you hurting me ,I am your adorable Flap - Flap whooooo" he started whining loudly causing me to close my ears, I pulled his feathers again in warning and said "Flappy if you will not stop , don't blame me to shave all your feathers" he paused instantly.

Making me to grin evilly I asked " why didn't you tell me in advance that what I was seeing was false, it would have saved lots of pain for me" he looked at me pitifully " Master I was trapped inside you, so that you couldn't hear anything from me "

"Then it's ok " with that I let him disappear and observed my surrounding which made me gape in surprise because I was on a bridge with huge dinosaurs like monsters sleeping around me, I was lucky that what I talked to Flappy was in my mind if I would have talked loudly I would have to wait for my death.

I took a step forward but failed to notice slippery ground making me to fall head first to save myself I held on large piece of stone which caused a pile of stone to crumble directly on the sleeping monsters face. I could only curse at my rotten luck as he opened his red eyes at me making me to take a step back.

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