Morna : goddess of death
12 Mool-adhar chakra
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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12 Mool-adhar chakra

@@I felt myself regaining consciousness as I opened my eyes. I had to blink to look at my surrounding because all I saw was white it was an open space and everything was completely white including my clothes and that's when my panic set in it was a situation where I wanted to run because more than anything it was the silence that was making me mad, it was so piercing that I started to talk to myself to stop this silence.

" Morna you can do's just a freaking white room" this continued for a while me and my pep talk continued but a thought made me stood up " I have just one freaking day and I can't waste it just like that...

I need to move on " that's when I started to move forward it didn't take too long to understand that I was not moving forward at all as everywhere it was white.

So,I sat down took a deep breath and tried to think all about Chakras I learnt from grammy I had photographic memory so I could remember each and every thing about first chakra Mool-dhara chakra. It represents basic requirement of our life from food, water, safety, emotional needs and security of life so to activate it I needed to survive without basic needs.

I continued to take deep breaths and let myself feel independent from all the needs and I continued to feel things that made me happy and subconsciously I was thinking of Overlord without knowing it myself because his presence made me happy, secure and when I opened my eyes I saw teleportation stone vibrating in my hand and I was inside another portal and this time I was relaxed and again waited for oblivion.

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