Morna : goddess of death
11 Teleportation stone
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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11 Teleportation stone

@@today was the day my journey to each dimension will start a portal will be created by Overlord after passing each dimension again a new portal will open till I cross 7 dimensions.

I took deep breath and entered the personal room of Overlord which was his meditation chamber but before I could enter he took me outside the window and I glanced there to see many servants including my four personal maids and other common audience was waiting outside.

I could see some people nervous, some indifferent and some radiated malice like Excouncilman Roark who was accompanied by a beautiful young girl she was perfect candidate for white lotus. I pulled Overlord by his nape " I don't know how long our relationship will last but don't you dare ever betray me with this white lotus or else I will kill you"

I felt his body shake then he was guffawing loudly " please I have some standard how can she fit on it in any way, and sweetheart, you are my only one just made for me or else this little fellow goes in hibernation" this was said with him pointing at his little Overlord I could only giggle at that.

I threw a glance outside noticing each ones expression and I found the peculiar one was my maid Roma which will be dealt on my return including other who are on my radar.

Then we started to move to aisle where a white stone was shining he put it in my hand and said " this is transportation stone and this stone is used just for your test of deity, you have to always place it with you or else you are stuck and you are given 1 day for each chakra or else you fail, do you get it, there is no shortcut for that this test. The challenges you have to face are made for you specifically no one else can repeat that. So, just go for it."

I took deep breath held stone in my hand and felt myself pulled into oblivion.

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