Morna : goddess of death
10 Dimensions the beginning of all..
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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10 Dimensions the beginning of all..

@@Finally many things were clear between us but a voice was telling me that I was taking a story from Devil himself for worth of salt can he be trusted, but my main priority was going to mortal world and for that even if I had to marry devil then so be it in return at least I would enjoy his hot body for free.

Do you know how difficult it is to get a handsome, charming, powerful man to marry you, if I was getting a chance for that why not use it.

A loud knock sounded in the room I tilted my face to the door to see my Gramp and Grammy coming towards us I was so happy for that I could only hug her tightly she said " it's nice to finally see you sweetheart I know venue is not good but at least I have you in my arms, I could only enjoy your childhood when I had to come here but I was with you, I could not do anything then but now you are in underworld and I will be your mentor and I will teach you how to be the Queen and how to rule, are you ready for that."

I could only nod happily and finally started my journey to learn everything about all realm (supreme,heaven,hell and mortal realm) it took me 7 days and night to atleast have all the theoretical knowledge about everything.

I found the magical elements, the powers a Deity possess and power I will possess as Goddess of hell but to reach the deity level I had to cross 7 dimension representing each chakra from Mooldhara to Sahasrar and I had to begin this journey tomorrow and I could only achieve anything after crossing these dimension. Now it's finally Do or die situation and I will live up to it.

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