Morna : goddess of death
9 Story and past that was hidden
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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9 Story and past that was hidden

Overlord suddenly held my hand and looked at me with serious face making me nervous wondering what he is about to say, I have seen his romantic, overbearing, intimidating side but every time there was an expression of mischief in his eyes proving his expression of devil may care attitude and it was making me nervous finally I can't tolerate this suspense " what is it that you want to say, just say it"

he tightened his hold and finally said " what I am about to say is about you, about the past that I had with you and affect it will have on our present and future"

After a pause he continued " when I first met you I told you I was cursed but not about anything else now it is time for you to know it will help in your decision because in Hell you are protected but outside it's another world and I can't send you to rage a war without your weapon "

he took a pause and continued you would think about our fatal attraction and my declaration for you to be my queen was random but there was a story behind it"

"you were daughter of God of war in your previous life and I met you when I went to steal a precious weapon from treasure of God of war "

hearing this I could only raise my eyebrow at him and ask " everytime why are you stealing something or other can't you ask and pay for it"

In return he could only laugh and reply " what do you expect from devil paying for it is against my nature and if I ask who is gonna give a weapon of mass destruction to devil himself" in a way what he said was correct and I could agree to that but something in his statement struck me.

" weapon of mass destruction are you serious why would you need that?" he looked at me innocently " I heard many thing about it and I wanna play with it" I could only glare at him he ignored it and continued "there was a fallen angel Lucas who had escaped from level 9 of lower level and mind you he is very dangerous and I had to protect mankind you know, and your father has all kind of weapon can't I borrow something for mankind" his reason sounded valid but something was fishy but I ignored it and urged him to continue.

Suddenly he gave me a blinding smile like he remembered something "you were a little power cracker when I first met you no one could find me but you caught me in the act but instead of accusing as what you are doing in this life you asked me the reason for stealing and when I told you about it you came with me to hell to fight with Lucas and all this journey made you fall in love with me and you urged me to be with you and I finally relented " he smiled innocently at me.

now I was sure something was fishy I glared at him he could only gulp loudly " tell me the true version not some dream of yours" he gave me a smirk and pecked me on my lips " now baby I was joking I was attracted to you and courted you with all my charm and finally you accepted my true love"

his statement and mostly his peck on my lips was too cute to appease me now I know why he is devil he can manage me with just a kiss and sweet talk I have to make myself hard for his charm " then what happened " I asked.

suddenly his expression became serious " by the time I captured Lucas and imprisoned him and took her to visit your father, your fiance "Lord Indra " bad-mouthed me and declared me a thief and when I contacted God of War he captured me and put you under guard he would not listen to you because Indra that bastard was every time with him to negate all positive feeling for me "

one day suddenly you came to me released me and asked me to return to hell for time being till she explain my stance to God of War I tried to stop you but you poisoned me and created a portal and threw me inside by the time I regained conscious you were dead Indra killed you in anger for releasing me and mainly jealousy as you couldn't accept him"

remembering that he had malice in his eyes causing me to shiver in fear .

He explained " I went berserk killing everything on my way suddenly Lord Almighty came between us he cursed both of us for creating chaos Indra with ugly body for his narcissistic nature and for me I was given stone body so, I won't feel anything neither my heart beat nor any feeling "

at that time I was broken and I used and ancient scroll which had magical power to show past instance and could be used only once it was given to me million year back by a saint it showed truly what happened and I could only beg Lord Almighty for you I was willing to lose my everything even my power as Lord of Hell he relented mainly because he didn't want headache for management of Hell .

So, he captured your soul and put it in reincarnation pool as you died as immortal after incarnation you will be human so I waited for you millions of years and I knew only your touch could release me from curse and when your touch released my body and made my heart beat I knew you are back"

hearing this I could only hug him tightly and speak my feelings for him "now many of my thoughts are clear about this unknown chemistry between us how I could easily accept him when relationship was difficult for me, now it was all Crystal clear between us"

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