Morna : goddess of death
8 Yes I can and I will
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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8 Yes I can and I will

Morna was enjoying seeing him laugh but suddenly she scowled "This was not her plan, how can she be charmed so easily"

Overlord could see myriad of emotions on her face her relaxed body was changed into a taut wire which could snap any moment now was the time he has to deal cautiously, he can't let her feel guilty, embarrassed or worst ashamed

So to ease the atmosphere he let his devil smirk on his lips and asked " what are your terms I am amicable to all of them except anything that takes you away from me"

This time Morna looked at him quizzically "Actually I want to return to mortal world and I know you can do something about that I want revenge, I want to destroy them, I want them miserable to this extent that they will cry bloody tear"

He liked the savage version of his little wife to be but he can't let her go to mortal world away from him thinking of that he was disgruntled " if you want I can kill them and bring them to underworld you can torture them to all level of hell"

" what I want is there life, death and post death to be miserable or it will be too easy for them" replied Morna

" I can allow you to do that but you have to make a deal with me " replied Overlord " you want to make me deal with devil himself, but considering he is my soon to be husband I can listen to you so what's the deal you want me to make" asked Morna

"I can't allow you to leave me so my first part of deal is you have to marry me before you start to leave for mortal world and don't use any excuse because without marrying me you are just a soul of underworld you can't step your foot in mortal realm"

" I can agree to that but you have to make a proposal apparently this is going to be my first marriage and I can't let you skip that part " replied Morna with a smirk showing if he is devil she is soon to be wife of devil.

"I can do that, now second part of the deal even if you are in mortal world at day time your nights should be at my bed and at my disposal" he arched his brow after saying that as if asking " don't think you can run away from me wifey I will bind you to my bed every night and make you scream in pleasure"

His statement caused me to milk in my panties as if thinking all the decadent things he is gonna do to me and there was no fear just anticipation for what to come. To cover that I looked at his muscular body, each curve set to enhance his charm I smirked " I can do you every night do you think you can?"

he let his desire flare in his eyes and could only say " yes I can and I will"

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