Morna : goddess of death
7 Devil is a choir boy
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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7 Devil is a choir boy

Warning: Mild use of erotic language so children below 18 you can skip this chapter I will make it small so you won't miss anything important

His closeness was causing havoc in my system I could feel wetness in between my thighs. I met this man yesterday but his presence in my life is bringing chaos to my existence but when I look at his opulent eyes I feel grounded like his soul was calling me and in that moment I just did what I wanted to do since I met him.

I pulled himself towards him and bit his lower lips hard I could feel tangy flavor of his blood which was like shock of current to my system which made me to pause but suddenly I was not in charge but he was his lips were gliding over mine. His rough calloused hand were rubbing my waist and they were slowing moving up but this time he let his hand stop just below my breast

he asked " is this what you want" I looked him in his eyes and told him honestly " I want to own you and your power, you are devil then I am succubus I may use you and leave you with nothing"

his eyes penetrate to my core and he replied" then I want to be used by you, even my last drop of blood will be happy to be in service for you. I will tell you everything but know this now, you are made from most precious part of my soul, and I will protect you, love you and empower you, you were mine since the day you stepped on this underworld and I dare you and anyone who take you away from me".

after that no word was needed we let our body do the talking when he was about to penetrate me just then he stopped I looked at him quizzically he could only sigh " your body is not prepared for it"

I looked at him with all my sexual frustration and asked " but we kissed and stuff and I didn't faint now what's the problem" he shook his head and replied " after you fainted I transferred a bit of my power to help and prepare your body for my kisses but for us to proceed we need marriage ceremony to make your body prepared to be a deity"

I was disappointed after all 22 years of living and few days of being dead my body finally responded for someone otherwise it was cold and couldn't accept anyone's touch but after meeting him my body was ready and now he is saying the deed has to wait I could only grumble " I didn't know devil was a choir boy to wait for marriage to do the deed"

and his laughter rang in the meeting hall.

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