Morna : goddess of death
6 My Queen let“s negotiate
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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6 My Queen let“s negotiate

With my presence a shock wave could be felt at the meeting room before I could react

a snooty voice rang inside the room " we heard about your presence my lady but the proposal of you being the Queen has not been presented to the council and we were discussing some important matter which would be difficult for you to comprehend as you have just entered underworld so please if you may" this was said him pointing towards the door for me.

I raised my eyebrow at him and let a smirk play on my lips but I let them see the coldness in my eye." it seems there are some doubts in the mind of council member Roark as your own overlord gave me the position of Queen . I could feel the fear for your coming loss of power as you were planning to marry your youngest daughter Myra to Overlord but now I will not let that happen and what I can or cannot comprehend your small brain won't be able to guess"

This caused a sharp intake of breath from said councilman I know they all doubted how I got my information when I got here yesterday but in mortal world I had special training for killing and collecting Intel.

I let my step family to kill me because I myself didn't want to live who would have thought I will get my reason to live from world of undead. While coming here I could hear the discussion of people about some councilman Roark and his daughter Mayra and how they were happy that said Myra was not their Queen. I could understand from their discussion that Roark person was the only goblin in council , so it was easy to understand who he his just from his face.

Just as I finished Overlord was in front of me he dragged me to the center of the room where he made me sit on his lap before announcing to the members " it's good that she came to this meeting as I would like to present your Queen Lady Morna from now she will rule next to me her words are my words and any action against her are against me"

just as he finished he sent his cold glare to Roark " As Councilman can't understand simple command I don't think you deserve this position, demote councilman to two position below him and give 50 lashes for disrespecting the Queen" .

Before councilman could make a sound guards surrounded him dragged him outside. With cold glare he boomed " if anybody else would like to join councilman you can join my negotiation with your Queen " in a blink of eye meeting hall was empty leaving me alone with devil.

he held my waist and boosted me to meeting table looming over me he gave me his evil smirk " Now my Queen let's negotiate".

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