Morna : goddess of death
5 Negotiation
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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5 Negotiation

It took her whole night of planning to prepare a plan thus by the time she woke up it was noon lazily sliding out of bed she saw two young girl standing at her door in alert position as if they would jump on small noise planning to test that she loudly banged the table making the girls to jump

" aiyah who are you people watching me in my sleep are you people spies sent by that Overlord" both of them suddenly knelt at foot of her bed "sorry for inconvenience your highness we are the maids personally selected by Overlord I am Lily and she is Rose we are good at grooming and every small task you ask for us we are also proficient in martial arts and our duty will be to protect us"

if it was before her meeting with Gramp she would have scowled at the title of Your Highness but now she understood it's power and it was high time she would use it well.

Lazily gliding out of her bed she was like a goddess with tall and elegant posture she was already like a queen and mild smile on her pink and supple lips would have made many men to pant in lust.

Looking at the maid with lazy but sharp gaze she analyzed them they were pretty and obedient at first look but they have to earn her trust and which would not be easy thing to do after a while she said " prepare the bath for me and ask all the staff that are made available to wait for me in one hour"

bowing with respect they prepared for her order. After enjoying her bath she sat in front of mirror casually combing her hair while her two maids were standing at door not saying anything just waiting for her order which she liked what's the use of being queen if she could not enjoy her power it's not that she was being cruel it's just that she had to check their patience if they acted irritated or would not follow her order she would have removed them it was her gift for them because if she found their betrayal they would loose their soul and would forever vanish because if you die in underworld not even your soul can survive it will forever disappear.

After making her staff wait she came out of her room and observed each person's expression after few seconds she asked Rose to pull out three maids and one male servant as there were traces of annoyance on their faces for making them wait while they were on their knees in front of her she asked Rose " what is the punishment for disrespecting their master" after a pause Rose replied " in hell they would be demoted to two circle of hell below them and flogged 50 times" with smirk on her lips she replied " good then proceed with there punishment"

their was a pin drop silence with shock on their faces after assigning other menial task she added two more maid for her personal staff they were Mary and Roma. Moving outside her room she decided to understand her surrounding because in every combat one must have knowledge of her turf. After some time she stopped and asked Lily " where is your Overlord"

"he is in meeting your highness" Lily replied "Then let's go and meet him" she replied with jump in her steps she went to find her so called fiance because it's time to decide their boundaries.

Lord Yama was in a boring and tiring meeting but his mind was already on his queen with grin on his face he remembered what his secretary told him about her he liked this side of her because in hell you can't survive being an angel and she was already wife of devil it's time to show her horn.

Just when he was thinking his meeting door was banged open with his second secretary trying to stop his queen while Mrs devil was standing in all her glory her appearance was enough to wake his sleeping desire with her seductive smirk she asked " dear Overlord it's time for our negotiation" and the meeting was shocked to silence and he could feel his heart beating at sight of her he replied " I am all yours to do my queen"

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