Morna : goddess of death
4 Grammy and Gramp
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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4 Grammy and Gramp

while I was trembling with anger a knock sounded outside my room opening it I found my gramp standing there which was the only positive thing happened after long ass bad days I rushed towards him and hugged him tightly

" oh gramp I am so happy that I got to meet you, your absence was a big void in my existence" releasing me from his embrace he smiled but suddenly he got serious " you can be happy but I am very disappointed seeing my young granddaughter in the underworld, I can't believe you could easily fall for their schemes I didn't give all this training to you just for this"

looking guiltily at him I replied in meek voice " sorry gramp, it's my fault actually after loosing you I didn't want to live at one point I was planning suicide because there was no one for whom I wanted to live so, I left it in the hand of fates to decide my future and you know it's not bad I got to meet you "

looking angry he scolded " are you crazy, how can you be so stupid to end this life so easily do you have any idea how precious this life is I think I have to explain it by telling you about me.

" I was right hand man for Overlord his bodyguard, butler everything I enjoyed it but living in underworld all these deaths seeped in my soul and caused it to turn dark I was left with no conscious I was a death machine it was good thing being here but due to lack of emotions I sent a soul of women to 8th circle of underworld ( most gruesome souls stay there for torture) due to some small mistake which I later found was not her fault when I went to find her to 8th circle I found her soul fluttering with very little spirit essence left in my guilt I asked Overlord for punishment and he give me a chance to save that soul and for that I had to go to mortal world with that soul and care for her in mortal realm if I could heal her soul with love I could save it to survive in underworld and I did that, do you know who she is"

looking at him quizzically I shook my head " your grandma" he replied I was shocked I remembered my grandma when I was a child she was a shy and timid women but for gramp she was his everything and suddenly one night she died but still I could find a satisfying smile on her lips as if saying she was happy even in her death.

he was smiling remembering her then his smile vanished he looked at me sternly and said "do you have any idea how precious mortal life is where you experience various emotions at one time where you form precious relation and you let them rob it from you how could you allow that"

looking at him with regret I could only nod, seeing my sad expression he relaxed hugging me he replied " buttercup you still have your chance you just have to use it wisely after all you are queen of underworld do you have any idea what power you have, but first think about it how you are going to use it"

he smiled at me "use it wisely buttercup" listening to him I decided that I have some power and now I have to think carefully how to wield it. A thought suddenly struck me " by the way gramp where is grammy"

disgruntled rubbing his nape he replied " ahmmm she is angry as I sent her to 8th circle so, she is avoiding me I have to go and convince her you go and plan" with that he left me with my thought and a plan hit me a grin spread on my lips " oh dear!!! how are you gonna save yourself from me Overlord"

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