Morna : goddess of death
3 I have to care for you...
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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3 I have to care for you...

My head was aching as if someone hammered my head with sharp nails I could hear some shouts.some whimpering it could have been me then it went black after sometime.

I opened my eyes and found myself in some luxurious room and doubt me not there was a table shining like it was made of diamond and it would have been big ass diamond.

" it is a Roman Crystal I stole it from some Roman king 200 years back if you like there is sofa set with it I can take it for you"

I was flushed because of anger and embarrassment and seeing him it all came back I shouted " dude stop first, who are you? and second how dare you kiss me? third, how dare you treat my gramp like that and last what was that queen thing"

he looked at me stupidly for few seconds and replied " you are my queen because you made my heart beat and it was active when you touched me" this was said him pointing at his below waist region we both were flushed I raised my brow and asked

" isn't this normal for guys and you are coming out as creep you know" he looked at me innocently and replied " it could be normal for others but not for me because I was cursed with stone body and I can't act like normal deity my heart stopped beating and other function because of the curse"

My curiosity was peaked " the curse" he was happy seeing my curiosity like I helped him solve something " it's good you are excited to know about your husband but you should rest I sent some essence inside you it caused disturbance to your senses.

So,you should rest as your husband I should care for you " he left suddenly and I was left with my anger and curses for him. It was good he left or I would have broken that Roman Crystal on his head.

Outside Yama adjusted his pant in her presence his body was acting too active and his desire for her was increasing with each second.

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