Morna : goddess of death
2 A touch all it took
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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2 A touch all it took

"you can open your eyes as you know you are already dead" I rolled my eyes still pretending to be asleep over my cold dead body ever since I knew I was dead.

I don't know why but I didn't want to open my eyes I stubbornly closed them....I already knew some entity was near me but I was too scared and angry to open my eyes.

Since childhood I heard many stories of grim reaper from my gramps as he was a lover for horror genre which was then transferred to me but who knew that my life would turn into another horror movie.

"I am not gonna move, I want to be alive again" I could hear him snickering which annoyed me to open my eyes and glare at him.

" 555728" I looked at him quizzically" that's the number of people who said the same thing, now if you have finished your tantrum move I have dead teenager to pick and it is going to be a rave party I don't wanna miss it for you"

Reluctantly I moved and followed him on my way I saw vamp Lizzy trying to fake her tears claiming that I have committed suicide in my grief and my prick of father Rupert trying to hide his gloating face.

A thought struck me to stand still Mr reaper turned to glare at me indicating me to move I poked his half covered face " hey Mr reaper by any chance could I meet my gramp in underworld, he died 15 days back".

he asked " what's his name " I smiled thinking of my gramp " General Eldwin "

he thought for a while " oh I may have taken him you would have to ask UEO ( Underworld Enquiry Office) for your question, do you know my daily workload how would I remember each encounter.

After that I ignored him and enjoyed the journey to underworld and interesting it was, almost all my fellow death mates had there head low and they were lost, like they were still in living world some were mumbling about job to be done, some were cursing to someone.

Only I was the one who was normal or you could say abnormal for them. finally our journey ended and I ended up near river Styx where Mr chariot awaits me..

Holding his hand I was finally on the ground of underworld. looking around I found UEO because it was the most crowded place I have ever seen they were so much in hurry as if someone died, wait a moment someone did die they themselves which made me burst in laughter.

hehe sometimes I am damn funny. Smirking I entered the queue and finally I went to desk as asked for my gramps, like typical office I filled lots of forms and again I looked at counter lady.

Grunting she scanned the documents and did some networking like seriously it was social network of underworlies I tried to peak but she hid the screen from me... disgruntled I could only wait after some time she replied

" he is at overlord palace you can go there" after receiving my answer my search continued I finally found my gramp outside some huge palace and what upset me was he was crying and begging the guy for something it made me so angry to see my honorable gramp like this.

I ran to his side and poked his chest " dude how dare you treat my gramp like that do you know he is great general of my country" in my anger I didn't notice the silence that came after I touched him and reaction of the guy whom I touched, his face was growing red with passing second and suddenly I felt his lips touched me.

I was silenced to shock, before I could refute he shouted to the world " Dear underworlies rejoice your most awaited queen has arrived" a loud cheer surrounded me and everything went black, last thing I heard was Gramp's shout " Morna".

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