Morna : goddess of death
1 my it end or new beginning
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Morna : goddess of death
Author :apurva16
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1 my it end or new beginning

I always thought I would die when I will be at least 60 above surrounded by my children or grandchildren but who would have thought that my end was coming so soon.

I looked dazedly around me and saw my sister Lizzy grinning at me holding my cheek she smiled at me " Morna dear Morna do you have any idea how many times I dreamt of this scene, you at my mercy" and with that she gave me a tight slap I could feel scratch on my face by her nails and blood dripping from my cheek.

I would have felt it but they have injected me with neurotoxin and my body was paralysed and I could feel my breathing getting difficult as it would paralyze my respiratory muscles which would lead to my death. it was so terrifying that I wanted to scream but my vocal cord stopped working 4 hour ago.

When they poisoned me in name of soup I could only glare at her and my stepmother. this would have never happened if my grandfather would not have died, he was general in army and owner of huge corporation mainly deals with manufacturing guns for government, he married his only daughter (my mother) to his childhood friend's only son.

it was one sided love which lead to my mother's death due to heart break and clinically heart attack and fast forward to my step mother Libia and her daughter Lizzy we shared same father and was born two month after I was born which proved he was two sided prick and to avoid him and his "family" my gramp sent me to London for my studies.

and after two years I found that my gramp died due to heart attack as soon as I heard it I came back to arrange his funeral. Ten days after the funeral when I was depressed my gramps most trusted butler Alfred gave me some soup and which lead to this condition.I could feel my breathing getting slow as death was closing on me I thought of my mom and gramps as cold tears slid down my face and everything went black..this was my ending or was it???


Author note : this is my third attempt at writing a novel and first time publishing this

hope you like it and give some positive feedback if possible

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