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Chapter 20: The Stone and the Moon - Last Par


“Ah! I finally remember!”

The loud voice of Sila had woken Jundtrathep up from her sleep as she was a light sleeper. When she went out of her tent, the only thing she saw was Sila leaping into the woods.

‘It’s night time already, where is he going to?’ Jundtrathep wondered.

She didn’t want to interrupt Tiger and her other teammates who had fought hard today while she had only been supporting. The fact that she wasn’t really useful to the team had troubled her for a long time. Thus, she decided to follow Sila without waking anyone else.

With Sila’s speed being much higher than Jundtrathep’s, the distance that took him only thirty minutes to reach took Jundtrathep nearly two hours.

When she arrived at the scene, the air around Sila was so hot that she couldn’t walk to him. The sound of someone fighting was the only sound that she could hear.

As she was wondering what to do, the heat suddenly disappeared. She used that chance to run up to Sila.

The sound of fighting had ended. She looked at Sila who was standing amidst of the ashes and called out to him

“Big Brother Sila.”

Sila opened his eyes and walked towards her. But as he took three steps forward, a shocked expression immediately appeared on his face as the earthquake occurred.

Sila then soared towards Jundtrathep and held her in his arms before leaving the area.

“W-Wah,” she panicked as Sila was too sudden in carrying her.

Sila didn’t care about Jundtrathep’s reaction. He looked at a small hill in front of them and landed himself there. Then, he put Jundtrathep down and looked back at his previous location.

As Jundtrathep touched the ground, she looked at Sila with a pouty expression. However, he wasn’t looking at her. She wondered about his behavior and followed his line of sight. What she saw together with the system sound alerting her immediately made her shocked.

Monster Python – Earth Dragon, Knight Rank, Level 800, has appeared. If you are killed by the Earth Dragon, you will take up to 24 hours to resurrect.

*The voice that Jundtrathep heard wasn’t the same as Sila heard because she wasn’t a slime-race player*

In front of them was a small mountain, no, it was actually a large dark brown dragon with luscious brown scales. It stood with four legs on the ground. Its back was full of sharp thorns while its eyes were illuminated with green light.

“Is it you who seeks to kill me, little slime?” a husky voice of the Earth Dragon resonated in the air.

“Hmm? It can speak?” Sila exclaimed.

It was Jundtrathep who was more shocked by this matter. She knew well that some monsters in the game could speak. However, she had never seen one before. The ability to speak in monsters indicated that they were high-tier monsters with great intelligence. Fighting against them was several times harder than normal.

“Of course I can speak. Did the Slime King send you to fight me? Aren’t you too weak to do that task?” replied Earth Dragon.

The word ‘weak’ was a taboo for Sila. Upon it reaching Sila’s ears, his face turned expressionless. It was one of the words which he hated the most.

“No one sent me to do anything. By the way, do we really have to fight?”

As Sila recognized that his opponent was able to speak, he hoped that he could negotiate with it. If he was alone, even if he couldn’t stand against it, he could still flee away. But now there was Jundtrathep who wasn’t a combat type player beside him, he would try to find a safe route first.

“Our race cannot coexist. Between you and me, there will only be one survivor,” answered the Earth Dragon.

“What about her?” Sila gestured towards Jundtrathep.

“She came with you so she’s considered my enemy as well. I won’t spare her life.”

Jundtrathep’s face went pale as she heard the answer of the Earth Dragon. How could she fight it? The dragon race was considered the strongest race in the game, wasn’t it?

Sila frowned, “what will I gain from fighting against you?”

“Kuhuhu, little slime, if you kill me, one of the eight Slime Seals will be broken. Moreover, I am also guarding a treasure. Aren’t you interested in it?” replied the Earth Dragon while asking back.

Sila didn’t even know the existent of the Slime Seals, but he thought they must be related with him. As for the treasure, he wasn’t interested in it at all. He was more concerned for Jundtrathep’s safety who actually wasn’t related in the matter.

Jundtrathep’s mood turned gloomier as she realized that she was the cause for Sila being unable to flee. She felt terrible as she was a burden again. However, she soon wiped her teary eyes and sent a party invitation to Sila.

Sila was surprised to receive a party invitation. He turned his head to look at Jundtrathep.

“We have to fight together anyway. I’ll try my best not to be a burden,” Jundtrathep spoke up.

Sila then thought that this would be the best solution.

“Okay, but you should stay at the rear and do the support. Leave the fighting to me.”

Jundtrathep nodded, and then Sila accepted her party invitation. With them being in the same party, most of their skills weren’t going to harm each other.

Party (No Title)

Party Leader: Jundtrathep, Squire Rank, Level 185

Health Point: 2,350/2,350 Magic Point: 6,500/6,500

Member: Sila, Squire Rank, Level 595

Health Point: 660,000/660,000 Magic Point: 355,000/355,000

Jundtrathep was shocked by how high of Sila’s level. Based on what Alice had said, just two to three weeks ago, Sila’s level had been only at 3, so how could he raise his level this fast? In her case, she was gaining experience points for more than two months, but her level was still at 185. Moreover, what about Sila’s health point and magic point being that absurdly high? Although it was true that qi-type players usually had higher basic stats compared to other types but his stats were still considered abnormal, even higher than a level 1,000 player.

The reason why Sila’s level had risen so fast was because he had been fighting against the monster that had higher levels than him, so, he had gained the bonus of level and rank difference. Even with a 90% experience point deduction from Greed Card, the remaining 10% was still very high. And his abnormally high basic stats were due to Bone Restructuring Qi that increased his health and magic, qi, psychic point pool as his level went up.

“Fufu, have you finished talking? I won’t be waiting anymore,” said the Earth Dragon.

Jundtrathep moved slightly backward while Sila leaped forward, directly confronting the Earth Dragon.

“Let’s get started then,” said Sila.

The end of his speech was a starting signal. The Earth Dragon’s claw immediately swooped towards Sila.

Sila didn’t dodge. He then wanted to estimate how strong his enemy was. He struck back with his hand strengthened with Qi of Little Tiger.

The sound of two palms clashing against each other resounded loudly. The Earth Dragon received the impact and had to step back for two meters, while Sila’s ankles sunk deep into the ground.

Even with the help of Qi of Little Tiger, Sila still received this much force. He realized that the dragons attack power was as high as his.

The Earth Dragon was impressed as well. It hadn’t thought that this little slime would be able to cope against its direct attack without evading. It was also impressed that it even had to move back two meters despite it being a dragon with the highest physical defense.

“God’s Breath,” chanted Jundtrathep.

*God’s Breath was an active skill that recovered health point, magic point, qi point, and psychic point*

Sila could feel his inner force being regenerated inside him. He circulated Qi of Little Bird and kept evading series of attacks from the Earth Dragon. Then, given the chance, he counterattacked it using Flame of Torturing, which was effective against Tree Dragons.

His palm struck at dragon’s body, but it didn’t even flinch. Then, its tail swiftly pierced toward Sila, which Sila could only barely dodge.

“Granite Spear.”

This time, it was the Earth Dragon who started to use a spell.

The ground around Sila immediately turned into large stalactites. The speed of the spell was so quick that Sila couldn’t dodge all the stalactites even with the help of Qi of Little Fish. Some of them graze Sila’s left leg, creating a wound.

With Flame of Torturing being ineffective, Sila had no choice but to attack it with physical attacks. He bore the pain in his leg and used God’s Cathedral combining with Qi of Little Tiger to chip away the dragon’s health points bit by bit while using both hands strengthened by Qi of Little Tiger to strike its body continuously when he got the chance.

Despite him attacking it constantly, the damages it received were still very little.

“Desert Storm.”

The dragon cast a spell again. It knew very well that its speed was far below Sila so it cast the area spell that caused the movement of everyone inside the spell’s territory to be slower.

Since its movement was considered very slow from the start anyway, the effect of this spell didn’t affect it much. But for Sila who his specialty laid in speed, this spell caused him to suffer greatly.

“Roaming Wind.”

Jundtrathep cast another supporting spell.

(*Roaming Wind was an active skill that increases the target’s speed slightly.)

Sila’s speed was increased slightly. But it was still much slower than his original speed. His speed was now faster than the Earth Dragon only by just a little.

He concentrated Qi of Little Tiger into his hands using Ray Assemble and struck it at the dragon’s chin at full force.

The Earth Dragon bounced back ten meters a small crack appearing on its chin. This attack of Sila was by far very powerful. But based on the damage the Earth Dragon received; he deduced that he would need at least ten more of this attack to defeat it but he knew he didn’t have enough qi to do that.

Special skill: Ray Assemble

One of qi techniques. Allows you to concentrate qi into a single point to optimize its power. The speed needed to concentrate and the delicacy of the power gathering point is depended on user’s expertise.

“Rock Shield,” The Earth Dragon was still able to cast another spell.

With that, another full-forced punch that Sila threw at it was blocked by the giant rock that suddenly rose from the ground. The title of dragon that most excelled in defensive ability wasn’t there for nothing. With this single spell, the rising rock had been turned into pieces, while the Earth Dragon didn’t receive any damage.

Sila’s stamina and inner force were significantly down. Then, the tail of the Earth Dragon struck at Sila’s body, causing him to fly away towards the rock at Jundtrathep’s feet. The rock that was hit by him now cracked, indicating how high the damage Sila had received.

“Big Brother Sila, are you alright?” asked Jundtrathep.

“I’m fine. By the way, Jundtrathep, which element is most effective against the earth element?” Sila asked back.

“Earth element is weak against the ice element. But... I don’t have any offensive spell, much less an ice offensive spell.”

Sila who started circulating Recovering Qi felt delighted upon hearing that sentence. If it was an ice element, there was a way for him to go.

The Earth Dragon was walking towards him, but Sila wouldn’t stay still waiting for it. He brought out a Large Health Potion and drank it down before throwing the Millennium Peach into his mouth, quickly chewing on it.

The Millennium Peach had a sweet yet sour flavor, sending off a nice aroma. Upon swallowing it, Sila could feel his qi surging.

“From now on, you should only use spells that regenerate my qi, okay?” said Sila, he didn’t wait for Jundtrathep’s response and soared toward the Earth Dragon again.

Hearing his request, Jundtrathep only kept using God’s Breath since it was her only spell that had the ability to recover health point, magic point, qi point, and psychic point; although by a small amount.

Sila, upon closing the distance to the Earth Dragon, used God’s Cathedral again, but this time combining it with Freezing Soul. With that, the area around Sila and the Earth Dragon noticeably begun to chill down.

Luckily, Freezing Soul was indeed effective. The Earth Dragon’s scales began to frost over little by little. That was because the heart of the Freezing Soul was cold and tranquil. Yet, the health point of Earth Dragon was declined rapidly due to the effectiveness of the skill.

Earth Dragon felt panic. It knew well that the slime race couldn’t use magic, and the woman with Sila seemed to be a supportive player, so it had been thinking that it was in a totally advantageous position. And now, it was clear as day that its thought was too naive.

Sila was aware of the iron rule of the fighting. Upon being in an advantageous position, he must maintain his advantage while reducing the enemy’s chance to turn the situation around as much as possible.

Sila put the power of Freezing Soul into his hands. He used both of them to strike at the Earth Dragon’s body around the area where it scales still didn’t frost over. With these series of attack, the Earth Dragon screamed in pain while its whole body turned into an ice sculpture.

The frozen body of the Earth Dragon started to break down and Sila didn’t hesitate to keep attacking more and more. He had no mercy towards it, as he knew that if it was in his shoes, it would have done the same.

Finally, Sila stopped his attack, while Jundtrathep approached next to him. As for the great Earth Dragon whose height was over ten meters, half of its giant body was broken into pieces, now only the head and the upper half of its body were left behind.

“You’re strong, little slime. But don’t be too conceited, among the Eight Dragons, I’m the weakest. It’s the reason why I’m here at Beginning Island.”

“No, you are actually very strong. I’m just lucky to be able to beat you,” Sila honestly replied. He really thought that he was truly lucky this time. He would have died by now if he didn’t happen to possess an ice elemental skill by pure chance.

“Fufu, no need to be so modest. By the way, a treasure is hidden in the tree behind me … little slime, I wonder how far you will proceed regarding the Slime Seals.”

After it finished its last sentence, its body dispersed into the light.

The system sound alerted.

You have defeated Python – Earth Dragon, Knight Rank, Level 800. You have received 400,000 experience points, gotten 1,500 gold, Python – Earth Dragon Card 1 EA, Orichalcum 1 EA, and Earth Shield 1 EA.

Your Level have risen to 620.

You have achieved a special condition of the quest: Decolonize the Slime Kingdom. The Seal of Earth has been destroyed. There are seven Seals remain.

Player Jundtrathep has defeated Python – Earth Dragon, Knight Rank, Level 800. Player has received 4,000,000 experience points, and gotten 500 gold.

Level of Player Jundtrathep has risen to 665.