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Chapter 9: The Secret of the Right Arm

Sila soared into the group of thieves as though he was a wolf assaulting sheep’s den. He circulated Qi of Little Fish throughout his body to increase his dexterous to dodge all weapons thrusting at him. His two hands were dense with Qi of Little Tiger, hitting the careless enemies one by one; his targets were always a heart or a head, slaying them in one hit.

No matter how fast Sila killed his enemies, he could only kill them only one or two at the same time. This was because he didn’t possess all Qi of Little Divine Beings.

Qi of Little Divine Beings consisted of the followings:

Qi of Little Tiger focused on attacking. If one concentrated it into a part of a body, one’s attack would be increased. At a higher level, it could even break through the enemy’s defense.

Qi of Little Fish enhanced user’s flexibility and precision, but it didn’t include movement’s speed. At a higher level, the user would be able to dodge even magic.

Qi of Little Bird was different. It emphasized speed and ability to use qinggong. Sila would have to use this qi to attack multiple enemies simultaneously. When mastered this qi, one would be able to use many techniques simultaneously.

[T/N: Qinggong is an art of lightness. It’s usually referred in traditional Chinese novel where martial artists have the ability to move swiftly and lightly at superhuman speed, perform gravity-defying moves such as gliding on water surfaces, scaling high walls, and mounting trees.]

Lastly, Qi of Little Turtle was an ultimate qi of protection and healing. It strengthened both the user’s physical and magical defense. If one could master it, one would gain the ability to resist all damage that below the certain point, for example, the damage below 1,000 points would be counted as nothing.

One would be considered master in qi only upon completing all four of Qi of Little Divine Beings. That’s because each individual qi was supporting each other, and could be utilized in every situation together. Well, currently, there was only Lone Wolf who could master all four Qi of Little Divine Beings. His title, Qi Emperor, also entitled based on this fact.

As Sila didn’t possess Qi of Little Bird and Qi of Little Turtle, he would always lack the ability to attack multiple enemies and ability to guard against magical attack.

After some of his opponents had died, they finally realized these weaknesses of him. Now they’re all keeping their distance and attacking Sila with low-tier spells.

Three people pointed their staff at Sila. Then, wind blade, rock boulder, and fireball were all flying at Sila.

Sila saw them coming, but since he was busy evading a sword next to him, he then had to prepare for the impact of these spells.

The wind blade came first and left Sila’s shoulder with a long incision. The fireball followed next and Sila guarded it with his right arm by instinct. Surprisingly, no damage was taken; the fireball was somehow absorbed into his right arm. Well, while Sila still confused, the rock boulder hit his chest heavily, sending him to collide with the restaurant wall.

System sound could be heard.

Right Arm of the Sealed One has received wind-element energy, the special skill: Vacuum Ball is unlocked.

Right Arm of the Sealed One has received fire-element energy, the special skill: Unseen Flame is unlocked.

Right Arm of the Sealed One has received earth-element energy, the special skill: Magnet Gravity is unlocked.

Many thieves saw Sila lost his stance. They knew this was their great opportunity so they hurriedly run toward him. The man in the most frontal line stabbed his spear toward Sila’s body.

Sila had no time to think. He was still busy circulating Recovering Qi since he’s hurt badly that he could barely stand. His only hope now was the newly acquired but unknown skills. Well, based on his experience with Electromagnetic Field; the skills obtained from Right Arm of the Sealed One tended to be a powerful skill.

“Vacuum Ball!”

Air in front of Sila suddenly seemed blurred. The tip of his enemy’s spear hit the almost invisible ball and swerved to Sila’s side. Then, the ball divided itself into several small balls and spread around, bouncing his enemies off. Although the balls couldn’t kill even single enemy, they’re enough for keeping distance between Sila and the thieves.

Now Sila could stand firmly again since Recovering Qi began to show its effect. Sila stared at his right arm that previously had been hit by fireball but he hadn’t been hurt by that attack.

‘Is it not counted as my body?’

Sila used to perceive Right Arm of the Sealed One as his new arm, but after thinking carefully about it, it took up his main weapon’s space in Equipment Window. So, it shouldn’t be weird if it was counted as a weapon, not his organ. That must be the reason why he hadn’t taken damage when he’d guarded an attack with this arm.

When the thieves saw Sila stood up but did nothing, they comprehended that Sila had used a health potion and was waiting for it to take effect. So, they hastily lifted up their weapon to attack again.

Sila thought this was a good opportunity for him to test his arm, so he lifted his right arm to block.

His opponents saw this retarded action and smile cynically. How could an arm block a sword? If they could get rid one of this man’s arm, he would become an easy target for them to kill.

The sword accelerated, not changing direction.


Sound of the sword clashing against metal could be heard. His opponents were all shocking; they just noticed that Sila’s arm was covered with a weird armlet.

Sila smiled unconsciously. His idea was correct, this arm really was counted as a weapon. Just now, beside an impact, he didn’t receive any damage. Moreover, it seemed that his opponent’s sword was chipped, while his arm didn’t have even a scratch.

‘As expected of an S Grade item.’

Sila quickly kicked one of his opponents toward the group without letting that one died. He used that bounced off the body as a shield, and rushed follow it.

The robbers evaded their comrade’s body to the sides, but what awaited them was Sila who used his hands to strike two enemies’ heads, turning them into a light, and then activated another mysterious skill:

“Unseen Flame.”

Three thieves in front-line fell immediately and writhed with burns. They later turned into light and disappeared. Sila felt little surprise too since he didn’t think the flame would truly be unseen. By the way, Sila was a user of the skill so he didn’t feel any heat, while thieves could feel it clearly and tried to move away from the area that emerged the enigmatic burns.

The battle entered into a chaotic state, Sila didn’t have much time to think and decided to use his other newly acquired skill. So far, all skills hadn’t failed his expectation yet.

“Magnet Gravity.”

One of the thieves was instantly pulled toward Sila. Sila strengthened his fingertips and pierced through the enemy’s heart in midair. This unlucky thief was turned into light immediately.

All the thieves didn’t rush at him anymore. They stood away from Sila remotely and frightfully.

Sila finally had time to rest. He circulated Recovering Qi to heal his unclosed wound while studying his new skills.

Special skill: Vacuum Ball

Creates a compressed ball. You can determine the number of the ball if proficient enough.

*Do not require magic points. But require wind-element energy for activation.

Special skill: Unseen Flame

Creates fire. Flames created by this skill can’t be seen by anyone.

*Do not require magic points. But require fire-element energy for activation.

Special skill: Magnet Gravity

Creates a magnetic force that can pull or push the object. The severity of the force depends on the size of the object.

*Do not require magic points. But require earth-element energy for activation.

Sila was curious by the fact that these skills didn’t need magic points but required the energy of specific element. Did that mean he had to receive those elemental attacks with his body? If that’s true, then these skills were problematic for him to use, unless he could charge energy himself with his own spells. Unfortunately, Sila was a slime race which couldn’t use any magic skills, so this problem was quite serious.

While he was standing thinking about this problem, Sila’s feet began to freeze. It seemed that there was one thief secretly cast a mid-tier spell in the back line, thinking that if Sila’s swift movement was sealed, their comrade would easily besiege and kill Sila.

Right Arm of the Sealed One has received ice-element energy, the special skill: Frozen Hydrogen is unlocked.

Sila tried to activate Unseen Flame again to melt the ice, but nothing happened. He guessed that it was due to the fire-element energy he had received from enemy’s fireball had been depleted.

Sila hurriedly concentrated Qi of Little Tiger into his feet to slowly crack the ice, while focusing Qi of Little Fish into his hands and emphasized on parrying enemies’ attacks.

“Please don’t forget about me.”

The sound of Goddess of Purified Water attracted the attention of all parties since she hadn’t made her move thus far; all the thieves’ focuses had only pointed toward Sila who had been harming their friends. Now when everybody realized about her presence again, she had already been standing behind all the thieves.

Her position was blocking the path down to the first floor. Even though the thieves could still escape by jumping out of windows, this position of her could put a lot of mental effect of ‘their escape route had been vanished’ on them, decreasing their morale.

Just within a second after that sentence of her, eight people in the rear had been killed without even realizing their cause of death.

The thieves saw their friends being assassinated so they left the wounded Sila who now couldn’t do anything but parrying, and jumped at the woman. They thought that if they’re attacking her as a mob; she then wouldn’t have a chance to attack them in secret.

The number of enemies surrounding Sila was abruptly decreased.

Sila felt slightly concerned about the bet, so he fully concentrated all his power to destroy the ice that binding his feet without caring for his defense. Finally, the ice broke, but Sila had to pay the price of being too hastily; the sword of his last enemy stabbed into his abdomen.

Since Recovering Qi wasn’t in the same category of Qi of Little Divine Beings, and Sila wasn’t skillful enough to control qi of different category simultaneously; Sila could only stop using two of his Qi of Divine Beings and used Recovering Qi to save his own life.

Sila grabbed a hand of the enemy who had stabbed a sword into his abdomen.

“Frozen Hydrogen.”

The body of a man who his hand was grabbed by Sila was frozen immediately prior to dispersing as a light. Sila then gently pull the sword out and quickly closed his eyes to assiduously circulate Recovering Qi to heal his bruised body.

Then, when he opened his eyes again, there was completely no one at his sight except Goddess of Purified Water.

“I killed five more people than you did. The result of this bet is my win. Any complaints?”

Sila could only accept his loss, blaming himself for not thinking twice. In the first place, these thieves had come in a gang to get her alone; this fact was enough to indicate that her battle power was that good. It’s his own fault to accept her bet without carefully thinking about it. Now he reaped what he sowed.