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Special Chapter: A High Wall

Hurt, loneliness, and despair.

Just one of them is almost unbearable, but now he had to face all three of them at the same time.

Within an arena made of hard cushions located in a branch of the Sky Dragon dojo, many people sat around witnessing a fight but no one dared to make a sound. The loudest noise was his own breathing. It seemed like his rib was cracked as it hurt every time he took a breath.

This fight had no referee. The winner would be decided by who stood at the end of the battle. Sila saw a light bulb in the ceiling. A taste of blood within his mouth awakened him from his blurry consciousness.

Sila slowly stood up with no one interrupting. His opponent was wearing white sparring clothes currently stained with blood, not so different from his brown sparring clothes. However, all the blood belonged to him and him alone.

Montra still hadn’t received any damage.

Montra. This is an uncommon name. But Sila thought it very well suited to this man. Be it intelligence, charm, fighting or overall ability, Montra was blessed with all of them as if he possessed some magic.

T/N: ‘Montra’ means ‘magic’ or ‘spell’ in Thai.

Under normal circumstances, Sila would give up. However, on this day, what was at stake was not his own pride. It was something much more important to him. It was the news of his teacher’s location and well-being.

“Where is my teacher?” painfully asked Sila.

Montra didn’t answer. “Get serious, or else you shouldn't expect me to tell you anything.”

Sila hurriedly moved three steps closer to Montra. It was his attack range. He twisted his waist, concentrating all the power he had into his fist.

Montra was calm. He moved a half-step forward. His right arm was lifted vertically, while his left one was used to easily swipe Sila’s attack aside.

The sound of an attack connecting echoed throughout the arena. Sila’s body was thrown off into a cushion. His skin was starting to turn dark brown due to the damage that was taken.

Montra walked closer. “Why are you still not using your dojo’s martial arts?”

Sila tried to lessen the pain by relaxing his muscles. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to use them. But he couldn’t. Although he was the main disciple, his teacher had never once taught him any martial arts. He could only perform sloppy martial arts that he mimicked from whomever he fought.

“Hahh!” Sila tried to kick Montra’s left ankle with his foot. However, Montra easily lifted his foot up. Then, Sila exerted his force into his leg to sweep the floor, causing Montra to have no choice but to jump.

Sila then used his hand as spring, pushing himself into the air and kicked Montra who was in mid-air, causing him to fly away.

Montra neatly landed on the cushion. His eyes flashed with curiosity. “Is that your dojo’s martial arts?”

“That’s my own move, you bastard!”

“Is that so? If you don’t intend to use them, then be ready to never be able to use them again.”

Finished talking, Montra jumped towards Sila for the first time this battle. He appeared in front of Sila with only one move. His foot stomped on a cushion, tearing it off.

Sila hurriedly punched at Montra’s waist. However, Montra moved his elbow down to counter. The cracking sound of bones fracturing could be heard from Sila right fist.

Moreover, Montra's right fist punched at Sila’s abdomen, near the liver. Sila felt like he was hit by a metal hammer. It was painful all over. His body felt numb.

He almost wanted to lay down unconscious. However, the painfulness kept him from doing so. He was experiencing every moment of the cruelty. His eyes wandered around without focus. He was alone. No one was standing by his side. His hope was chipping away by the number of attacks that were still coming. As this prolonged, his tiredness and painfulness were multiplied. The taste and smell of his own blood almost caused Sila to vomit.

Sila stood staggering. In front of him was a high wall that made it impossible for him to see ahead.

Normal people would give up here.

But Sila didn’t. No matter how high of a wall it is, what he has to do was the same. He just had to climb it over.

Sila used the last ounce of energy to weakly grab Montra’s collar.

Montra’s palm was rotating like a whip. He grabbed Sila’s hand and twisted it so that a bone in Sila’s wrist was badly damaged. He was expecting Sila to stumble on the floor tortuously.

However, things didn’t go that way. Instead, Sila abandoned his left hand and used his broken right fist to punch at Montra’s face with all his strength. The impact was enough to push Montra two meters away.

‘Starting with one punch,’ thought Sila while he readied himself for another round. In his eyes, Montra was jumping back at him, as if Montra was a merciless, violent dragon.

At that time, Sila still wasn’t aware that this fight would be the one that would overturn his life forever.