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381 The Little Lion’s Ambition

Gao Peng stood there transfixed, feeling at a loss for words. He suddenly couldn't wrap his head around the situation.

Am I dumb? Am I?

"This place of yours is the Black Fog World, right?"

"That's right." The little lion glanced sideways at him.

Gao Peng continued, "Uh… do you guys have Overlord-tier monsters here?"


"… I do know that there are a few strong wild monsters in my world, but there are also very few treasures there." Gao Peng didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He suddenly didn't know how to continue. I'm no fool. If there's good stuff available, how could I let the opportunity slip?

"Do you think that you aren't actually a fool?"

Gao Peng hesitated and looked down only to see the Desolate Frost Lion staring back at him with the type of kind and caring look reserved for the mentally disabled.

"Some treasures require time to develop. Wouldn't you simply grab all those treasures and place them at home first, before watching them grow and develop?" said the Desolate Frost Lion with a pained expression. How had he ended up with such a silly master? This was just too silly! Absolutely foolish!

"Just think about it; you can't possibly be watching over your treasures twenty-four seven, right? If there came a day where you weren't careful and your treasure was eaten up by those monsters, what would you do then?" the little lion lectured patiently.

"Wait, wait, wait, wait…" Gao Peng put up both his hands. "You're saying… my treasure?" Gao Peng suddenly realized that the lion had a certain virtue—it was even more thick-skinned than he was.

"Treasure belongs to the strong, of course!" the Desolate Frost Lion replied in a loud voice, confidently raising its head and stretching out its neck.

"Strong like you?" Gao Peng gave it a flick on the forehead, and the little lion fell back on its bottom, shaking its head adorably.

"B*stard! Hares may pull dead lions by the beard, and a lion trapped in a labyrinth can end up being controlled by a human. Just you wait…" In the next moment, the lion was picked up by Gao Peng and had a fist rubbing into its head.

Of course, no one else could hear the conversation between Gao Peng and the Desolate Frost Lion. In Xu Heti's eyes, Gao Peng had simply bent over and affectionately brought the snowy white lion into his arms. It was such a heartwarming sight.

"Young Master, how should we take care of the carcasses?" Xu Heti looked at the eight carcasses on the ground and couldn't help drawing a deep breath. These were the bodies of eight Lord-tier monsters!

A total of eight in one go! If word got out, it could shake the world.

In a situation where a single Lord-tier monster could protect an entire city, having eight Lord-tier monsters was an unimaginable number and a very frightening one.

Furthermore, eight Lord-tier monsters meant that there were eight Lord-tier monster core crystals, as well as a large number of materials.

It was only then that Xu Heti truly understood how fearsome Gao Peng was. Before, he had always known that his young master was strong, but exactly how strong, he had never actually realized.

Right now, he more or less understood.

While fighting just now, his familiar, the Golden Dazzling Light Boxing Champion Kangaroo, had also gone up against a Labyrinth Watcher, but all it had managed to do was merely keep the Labyrinth Watcher busy. To actually take down a Labyrinth Watcher was, in fact, a very difficult task.

The Labyrinth Watchers were large in size, and that had left very little space for the Boxing Champion Kangaroo to evade them in the narrow spaces of the labyrinth. There were many instances where it had almost been sent to the afterlife.

In the end, the Labyrinth Watcher that his Golden Dazzling Light Boxing Champion Kangaroo had kept busy for so long was sent flying with a slap from that fearsome yellow duckling. It was just like a father disciplining his son; there was no room for resistance.

So this is Young Master's true strength… There was a change in the way Xu Heti looked at Gao Peng.

At the same time, a sense of pride also welled up in his heart. This is the Southern Sky's young master.

Being a member of the old guard of the Southern Sky Group, Xu Heti also owned a small number of the Southern Sky Group's shares. The gratefulness of being acknowledged by Ji Hanwu and his sense of belonging to the Southern Sky Group both contributed to him identifying himself as part of the group. Naturally, he hoped that the group would become stronger and stronger.

"We need to send someone to guard these carcasses…" Gao Peng wouldn't be at ease leaving Xu Heti to stay there and stand guard. His familiar, the Golden Dazzling Light Boxing Champion Kangaroo, was quite strong, but it could only take on one Labyrinth Watcher.

But Gao Peng had completely forgotten the route they took to get there. Right now, he could only rely on his Treasure Sniffing Rodent. The Treasure Sniffing Rodent, who had been warming the bench all this while, shed an emotional tear as it saw its master finally looking towards it.

Looking at Gao Peng with teary eyes, it said, "Master, you finally remembered me…"

The fat rat had never gone out exploring with Gao Peng and had always been in the lab, with Xu Qingzhi keeping it well-fed. Every day, it dined on Commander-tier meat, and even occasionally had some extra Lord-tier meat, never going a day without precious and nutritious materials. Right now, it had already grown to level 31, with a coat of bright, glossy fur.

"Do you still remember the way back?" asked Gao Peng.

"…" The Treasure Sniffing Rodent's mind was blank as it suddenly raised its head. What are you saying? What way? Did we walk all the way here?

"Trash." Da Zi unreservedly gave the fat rat a look of disdain. You eat so much good stuff every day and you're still no use at all. You might as well feed it all to me, Da Zi. In the battle just now, I, Da Zi, made the greatest contribution!

Without saying a word, Gao Peng took two steps back and snapped a piece of pale blue ice crystal off of the rock wall behind him, weighing the piece of crystal in his hand. "You see this?"

The Treasure Sniffing Rodent's eyes suddenly opened wide. "Treasure!!!" Its two front teeth were exposed, and saliva dripped from its mouth.

"If you can remember the way back, this treasure is yours."

The Treasure Sniffing Rodent was excited, scrunching up into a ball and thinking hard. The cogs in its tiny brain whirred at high speeds, and clouds of white steam erupted from its head…

The Desolate Frost Lion looked at the scene, and its jaw dropped.

What's all this about? That's just a random piece of ice that I froze all those years ago! Could there be some other use for my ice that I haven't noticed…?

The Desolate Frost Lion looked at the man and rat with a face full of doubt.

"I remember now!" The Treasure Sniffing Rodent stood upright, its hind legs on the ground and its forelimbs grabbing on tight to the piece of ice in Gao Peng's hand, refusing to let go.

Even if it was going numb from the cold, its face looked as excited as ever.

Gao Peng had the Treasure Sniffing Rodent bring Xu Heti and Dumby back to inform the rest to send people to bring the carcasses back.

As for the Desolate Frost Lion… although it was stronger than all of Gao Peng's familiars at its peak, it was now truly a weakling. If anything happened, it probably wouldn't even have the means to escape. Regardless, Gao Peng also had some things that he couldn't wait to ask the lion about.

After Xu Heti and the rest left, Gao Peng found a spot around the stone temple that wasn't frozen in ice and took a seat. The stone steps he found felt icy cold as he planted his butt down.

"So what you meant earlier was that a world in its early stages of evolution would most likely form some special or powerful treasures?" Gao Peng was no fool and understood this much from the hints that the Desolate Frost Lion gave.

"I don't know, but I guess there should be." Right now, the little lion seemed afraid to confirm this. "But there would definitely be plenty of treasure. Although the world you came from just began evolving, treasure is still treasure. In four years' time, reaching King-tier is already the limit. There definitely wouldn't be any Emperor-tier monsters. If there are any Emperor-tier monsters, I'll eat sh*t!

"The real treasures of the Black Fog World have all been snapped up by those strong monsters, so finding a treasure that isn't owned already would be impossibly hard. After all, those monsters have a sense of smell many times better than you humans. To get your hands on a treasure would mean clashing head-on with these monsters… or finding ways to steal them."

"Why does it feel like you're so familiar with this… Did you steal often?" Gao Peng was beginning to feel like this lion was a shady individual.

"That doesn't count as stealing! It's not like their names were on the treasures!" The little lion tried hard to argue, waving its paw in defense.

"Which is why I say it's better to go back to your world, where we can openly take them," said the Desolate Frost Lion as it excitedly rubbed its paws together.

Just a group of trash that isn't even King-tier. This lion emperor can easily step on all of them and make them eat dirt.