Monster Paradise
1577 You Tricked Me!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1577 You Tricked Me!

From far away, the Nine Gloom Vine witnessed the entire battle between the four-faced individual and Giant Sarcoma. He also heard what the four-faced individual said to Giant Sarcoma at the very end.

Although he was not completely sure how the four-faced individual's change of mode worked, the Nine Gloom Vine was still able to make a guess about several things.

He patiently waited for the four-faced individual to pull every inch of Giant Sarcoma from under the ground and finish devouring him completely before using voice transmission to ask him a question.

"Four Face, are you a friend or a foe now?"

The long-horned four-faced individual turned his head and looked in the direction where Nine Gloom Vine was, far away. He grinned.

"Four Face is Four Face, I'm me. I'm not interested in your fight!"

"If they get hold of the castellan's seal, whether you're Four Face or not, they'll attack you sooner or later." The Nine Gloom Vine did not want to give up. He still wanted to try and get the four-faced individual on his side.

After all, if the four-faced individual left just like that, the Nine Gloom Vine would have to fight two enemies on his own after this—Silver Armor and the three-tailed snake lady.

"If that day really comes, I'll kill them myself." The long-horned four-faced individual remained unmoved.

"Alright then." The Nine Gloom Vine fell silent for a moment. In the end, he did not say very much more. "If you wish to leave, then leave."

If he lost an ally, so be it. At this time, he did not want to offend someone who was even more powerful than the four-faced individual. The best thing to do was to let him go.

Seeing the God Territory's exit rapidly materializing not far away, the long-horned four-faced individual did not bother wasting any more words. His form wended its way through and departed.

Outside the God Territory, the Nine Gloom Vine's sliver of consciousness watched the long-horned four-faced individual swiftly leaving the dense forest area where he himself was. He could not help sighing softly.

He could sense that the long-horned four-faced individual was eager to leave. He also guessed that the long-horned four-faced individual might be facing some issues with his form since he had just taken over the four-faced individual's body. At one point, Giant Sarcoma had considered whether or not he should seize the opportunity and dispose of the long-horned four-faced individual. However, he chose to abandon the idea in the end.

Compared with a future threat, getting rid of the current threat that faced him was the most important thing.

Seeing that, in the God Territory filled with vines, there remained only the three-tailed snake lady—who was still hiding in the Purple Cloud—and Silver Armor, who was slowly making his way toward him, the Nine Gloom Vine very quickly came to a decision.

His form, which had transformed into tens of thousands of giant boa constrictors, rapidly retreated from the Purple Cloud and directly targeted Silver Armor.

The three-tailed snake lady, who had been watching the outside world closely, felt slightly relieved only after this. She had not dared to lift her head the entire time as the Nine Gloom Vine had been keeping track of her from the sidelines. She knew that he would definitely attack her at lightning speed if she made even the slightest movement.

Even though he had left, the three-tailed snake lady did not recklessly show herself just yet.

She was afraid that her opponent had not gone very far and might turn back to deal with her.

"Giant Sarcoma's aura is clearly gone; he must have been killed. The four-faced individual's aura became very strange earlier—even unfamiliar—and vanished after that. I wonder if he died alongside Giant Sarcoma."

In this vine-infested world, all sensing techniques, including Divine Telekinesis detection, were all severely curbed by Nine Gloom's vines. Everyone could only vaguely sense whether or not an aura was present, as well as battle fluctuations.

The three-tailed snake lady could only determine who else was left on the battlefield through auras. As for those whose auras had disappeared, she was unable to tell if they had left the God Territory or if they had been killed.

"The only ones left on the battlefield now are Nine Gloom, Silver Armor, and myself. If Silver Armor's been killed by that old wretch Nine Gloom…"

The three-tailed snake lady's brow furrowed tightly. She had never expected the initial four against two, sure-win scenario would turn out like this.

She had also never imagined that Four Face, whom she had been sleeping with for years, possessed the ability to kill two powerhouses—Giant Sarcoma and Crimson Eye—on his own.

The three-tailed snake lady's thoughts drifted for a while, but very soon, she came back to her senses. Patiently, she waited for an opportunity to exit the Purple Cloud.

Not long later, she sensed intense battle fluctuations from a distance.

She guessed that Nine Gloom and Silver Armor might have begun fighting.

"That old wretch Nine Gloom is completely ignoring me now?!"

Although she was somewhat infuriated, the three-tailed snake lady also felt slightly happy. 

This happiness was because Nine Gloom had not chosen to f.o.r.c.i.b.l.y disperse the Purple Cloud and kill her before Silver Armor could arrive.

However, after some consideration, she could understand why Nine Gloom had made such a choice.

After all, Silver Amor's abilities were powerful. Instead of spending such a lot of effort to breach the Purple Cloud's defenses, Nine Gloom would rather stay in prime condition to fight Silver Amor.

"You'll pay the price for underestimating me!" A ferocious gleam flashed through the three-tailed snake lady's eyes.

Only after sensing that the distant battle fluctuations had continued for a while did the three-tailed snake lady quietly appear from the Purple Cloud.

However, the very moment she moved, vines surged out from all directions and lashed toward her.

The three-tailed snake lady was stunned at first. Her initial reaction was to think that the Nine Gloom Vine had returned. However, she soon realized that this was not the case. He was merely controlling the vines from a distance to attack her.

"So you want to imprison me here to prevent me from meeting up with Silver Armor?!" The three-tailed snake lady narrowed her eyes slightly and immediately guessed Nine Gloom's battle strategy.

No matter what, he definitely did not wish to fight two enemies alone.

After all, Silver Armor's abilities were very strong. In a battle between powerhouses, the slightest difference could cause one to lose, much less one more person interfering from the sidelines.

Once she had considered this, the three-tailed snake lady decisively retracted the Purple Cloud. After making sure of where the distant battle fluctuations were, she charged in that direction, dodging the attacks of the all-encompassing vines with everything she had.

As soon as she moved, out of nowhere, she suddenly felt an intense sense of danger.

She turned her head to look, but discovered that there were no vines at all in the areas where she had been entangled. She used Divine Telekinesis to scan and realized then that those vines were actually threads that were 10,000 times thinner than a hair.

At that moment, a familiar voice came from behind her, "You've decided to come out at last!"

When she heard the voice, the three-tailed snake lady's facial expression underwent a dramatic change.

She turned her head. A giant boa constrictor created from countless vines was looking at her in a condescending manner.

She also sensed that the distant battle fluctuations had now vanished completely.

"Nine Gloom! You tricked me?!"

"How could I lure you out of that cloud of purple fog if I didn't use some tricks?" Nine Gloom's tone was calm.

"So I've been your target since the very beginning?!" The three-tailed snake lady came to a sudden realization.

"You could say that." Nine Gloom did not deny it.

"So you pretended to fight Silver Armor, letting me think that you couldn't fight me at the same time to lure me out of the Purple Cloud. You even attacked me on purpose on the pretense of forcing me back into the Purple Cloud, so I would have a sense of urgency to meet up with Silver Armor and retract the Purple Cloud without hesitation… What a great trick!" The three-tailed snake lady said resentfully. She had now completely understood what sort of trick the Nine Gloom Vine had played on her.

"Unfortunately, you figured it out a bit too late."

As soon as the Nine Gloom Vine finished, countless threads invisible to the n.a.k.e.d eye had already enveloped the three-tailed snake lady, forming a giant, white cocoon. A moment later, the cocoon suddenly changed shape, as if a towel were being wrung by a huge, invisible hand.

At that moment, purplish-red drops began to spread over the white cocoon. In the beginning, it looked like purplish-red flower petals were falling on a piece of white cloth. However, the entire cloth turned purplish-red very quickly.

Purplish-red liquid even began to seep out onto the cocoon's surface….


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