Monster Paradise
1572 The Fourth Face
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1572 The Fourth Face

Deep in the dense forest, a stretch of purple fog that covered several kilometers blocked out all attempts to probe it.

This was the three-tailed snake lady's life-saving maneuver. It was her trump card, in which she had integrated a Pseudo-Dao Weapon and her own innate divine ability.

The minute she realized she was no match for her opponents, she had used this move very decisively.

The purple fog not only contained poison that anyone below the level of half-step Lord dared not simply come into contact with, but it also blocked out Divine Telekinesis, preventing any probing attempts.

What made the Nine Gloom Vine and the four-faced individual even more helpless was that whenever their attacks landed within the areas of purple fog, the attacks would be absorbed and the force offloaded.

After several trial attempts, the four-faced individual asked the Nine Gloom Vine to halt his repeated attacks entirely.

"There's no need to waste time on her anymore. Her technique is called Purple Cloud, and even half-step Lords might not be able to f.o.r.c.i.b.l.y breach it. To make the Purple Cloud dissipate, apart from the Snake Lady deactivating it herself, the only other way would be to exhaust the Divine Power within her body."

The Nine Gloom Vine glanced at the four-faced individual after hearing this. If he had received this information earlier, the target he captured just now would certainly not have been the three-tailed snake lady.

However, he did not say anything. After all, the four-faced individual was the ally that he himself had chosen.

After abandoning the attacks on the three-tailed snake lady, he decided to focus all of his efforts entirely on Silver Armor and the other two.

"I'll separate the three of them and attack them in turn with you!" As soon as the Nine Gloom Vine finished speaking, he separated out a vine and wrapped it around the four-faced individual's arm. 

The four-faced individual was startled. Just when he was about to struggle to free himself, he heard the Nine Gloom Vine's voice. "With this vine, I can share my field of view with you. You can even benefit from all the advantages in my God Territory."

As soon as the Nine Gloom Vine said that, the four-faced individual could clearly feel that his body had been imbued with definite benefits. He was lighter on his feet and more powerful than before. Even the flow of Divine Power in his body had accelerated significantly.

After taking a brief moment to be aware of himself, he could roughly feel that his abilities had elevated by twenty percent or so.

"Don't worry about the consumption of Divine Power; it doesn't matter even if you drain it. I can replenish your Divine Power twice based on the current amount of Divine Power within you. Just kill the others as fast as you can!"

Before the Nine Gloom Vine had even finished speaking, the four-faced individual charged.

The first target he chose was Crimson Eye.

In the vine-filled God Territory, Silver Armor and the other two very quickly sensed the changes.

"He's trying to separate us! He must want to divide and conquer." Crimson Eye was the first to sense the anomaly and hurriedly informed the other two immediately through voice transmission.

"As he wishes then!" Silver Armor had sufficient confidence in his abilities. "Both of them will keep dragging things out like this if the three of us stay together. The Snake Lady might not be able to hold out for too long on her end either."

Although he sounded as if he were worried about whether the three-tailed snake lady lived or died, in reality, he just did not want to waste more time prolonging matters.

"This is an opportunity for us too. We each have life-saving maneuvers anyway, and we can't be killed off that easily. Have someone fight the four-faced individual, then the remaining two can drain old Nine Gloom Vine's Divine Power faster. That old geezer has been alive for so long, his Divine Power probably far outstrips our own. It's not going to be easy to kill him," Giant Sarcoma agreed with Silver Armor's suggestion.

It was two against one, so Crimson Eye had no choice but to agree.

The three figures swiftly stopped resisting the Nine Gloom Vine's attempts to divide them; each of them went their separate ways.

Very soon, Crimson Eye sensed a wave of energy locking onto him.

In truth, he had anticipated that he would most probably be the first target of attack as soon as they were separated.

Of the four of them who had come to do battle, Silver Armor possessed the most powerful abilities, while Giant Sarcoma possessed the most techniques.

The weakest of them—the three-tailed snake lady—had been attacked as soon as the battle began. Therefore, since he was the second weakest, he naturally became the next target of attack.

"Do you really think that I'm a pushover?" Crimson Eye scoffed.

A moment later, a figure emerged from the dense world of vines, arriving not too far off from Crimson Eye. It was the four-faced individual. He was completely unaffected by the vines around, as if they did not sense his existence at all.

Crimson Eye did not waste time in idle talk. As soon as he saw the four-faced individual, he immediately launched his attack.

An infinite variety of colors fluctuated from the thousands of tiny eyes within his eyes. The next second, he and the four-faced individual simultaneously vanished on the spot.

Countless vines also lost their prey at the same time and fell still.

Far away, the Nine Gloom Vine could not help a startled exclamation.

He could sense that the pair had not actually vanished; instead, they had entered another dimension.

Although he had never fought Crimson Eye before, he had been studying his four opponents' techniques over the last few days and had a rough idea of what had transpired.

Under the black canopy of the heavens, the four-faced individual's figure appeared out of nowhere and hovered in the air.

He glanced over to his left and right briefly, then looked at his own body. After that, he raised his brows. "A spiritual dimension?"

At that moment, Crimson Eye's voice came from all directions.

Within the initially pitch-black void, countless multi-colored eyes of various sizes suddenly opened. 

"Welcome to my God Territory—the Purgatory of Ten Directions!"

This was a special characteristic of Crimson Eye's God Territory—he could drag opponents into his God Territory if their spirits were weaker than his own.

The enemies who were pulled into this God Territory could only exist as spirit beings, and would completely lose the support of their physical bodies' strength. 

That was why, although Crimson Eye's combined abilities were weakest among the six overlords, he had never really regarded the five other overlords as any match for himself if things really had to come down to a fight.

Just like Silver Armor's most powerful trait, which was that his body was almost indestructible, in Crimson Eye's God Territory, Crimson Eye could seal off his opponent's physical body so they could only fight as spirit beings.

To him, the four-faced individual was just like Silver Armor. They were both powerhouses who had powerful physical bodies.

These types of powerhouses could not even perform thirty percent of their abilities in his God Territory.

However, the four-faced individual did not panic at all. After ascertaining the environment he was in, he smirked and asked, "Do you know what each of my four faces corresponds to?"

Crimson Eye was slightly taken aback when he heard this question.

"My four faces each have their own names.

"I named my first face Ordinary. It's my normal condition; it's also my daily state.

"My second face, I named Spirit. In this condition, I can gather the Divine Power from all of my four states. The amount of my Divine Power and the speed of its flow will elevate fourfold.

"I named my third face Demon, which is a battle mode. In this state, my physical body's strength will be maximized.

"I named my fourth face Fae; it's also a battle mode. Up until now, this face is the one that I've used the least…

"Take a guess; what do you think my fourth face strengthens?"


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