Monster Paradise
1569 Let’s Fight Then!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1569 Let’s Fight Then!

The Nine Gloom Vine and the four-faced individual were not expecting that they would face a counterattack before their prey had fallen into the trap they had set.

Day after day, more news was made public. Some of the news was real, and some were fake, but they were all fabricated very well and in great detail.

It did not matter how many people truly believed the news. In any case, the misleading effects saw definite results.

For the last few days, an increasing number of powerhouses had been gathering outside the dense forest where the Nine Gloom Vine was hiding.

In the inner world, anyone who had any sort of ability at all had opinions about the castellan's seal.

Now that news had spread about the Nine Gloom Vine and the four-faced individual each possessing a castellan's seal fragment, it was only natural that this would draw the covetous gaze of countless organizations, large or small.

After all, a ferocious tiger could not defeat a pack of wolves. Moreover, everyone knew that while the two overlords—the ferocious tigers—were powerful, there were still four more overlords on the side of the masses, hovering and waiting. 

The masses were not powerful enough to fight against these two overlord powerhouses, but what if there was a chance of the masses benefiting from a clash between all six overlords?

Within the foothold, the Nine Gloom Vine's giant face materialized in midair, brow furrowed tightly.

"Trouble's come knocking on our door now!"

On the sidelines, the expressions on the four faces of the four-faced individual all looked extremely unpleasant.

"I originally thought these rumors would only persist for a few days before dying down and that Silver Armor and the rest wouldn't take them seriously… I didn't expect that the four of them would all gather here today!"

"Let's not talk about whether or not the news is true. If it were you, would you give up the perfect opportunity for eradicating your opponents?"

Upon hearing that, the four-faced individual's four faces looked even grimmer.

He knew that he would not give up such an opportunity.

At present, there were six overlords in the inner world, which meant the entire world's resources had to be divided into six portions. If there could be two people less, that would be exactly what the remaining four overlords wanted. This was because the ones left would definitely be able to divide up more resources.

Therefore, whether or not the news about the castellan's seal fragments was true, it was a rare opportunity to join forces in order to get rid of the four-faced individual and the Nine Gloom Vine. The remaining four overlords would certainly not let this chance pass by.

What disappointed the four-faced individual most of all was that the three-tailed snake lady was clearly on the opposing side.

Although their relationship was only that of lovers, generally taking whatever they needed from each other to fulfill their physiological and business needs, they were not very emotionally attached. However, it made the four-faced individual rather uncomfortable that she had turned against him without hesitation.

The outside of the dense forest was closely surrounded by hundreds of organizations.

No one was willing to attack first, nor was there anyone who could subdue the entire crowd to reach a unanimous consensus.

The four-faced individual and the Nine Gloom Vine did not bother with the organizations that had gathered out there. For one, these people were nothing to them. For another, there were serious internal conflicts among these people, which caused them all to be in a complete state of disunity. Therefore, they were nothing to be afraid of.

Today, however, the squabbles that had been going on for the past few days suddenly stopped.

Within five seconds, the thousands of people on the scene fell silent because all of them sensed the impending arrival of four domineering auras.

Everyone present automatically shut their mouths, lifting their heads and looking up at the sky in the same direction.

Under the gaze of thousands of people, four figures descended!

The one on the far left was a flirtatious beauty with three snake tails.

From the waist down, she was covered in blueish-purple snake scales, three snake tails—each ten meters or more—extending from her lower body. From the waist up, her form was that of a human lady wearing a gold crown.

If one were only to look at her upper body, it could be said that her face and figure were the very pinnacles of beauty. The word 'pretty' was insufficient to describe how lovely she was, as the term could not adequately describe a work of art.

Next to her stood a humanoid monster in silver armor.

He was tall and well-built, fully three or more meters tall. His entire body was enveloped in silver armor, with only the eye holes on the helmet revealing a crimson glow.

Of the four overlords, the aura that exuded from his being was the most compelling and overbearing.

On the armored man's right was a gigantic purplish-red sarcoma in the shape of a sphere.

The sarcoma had clearly shrunk his size down a great deal if one were to compare his present form with his actual size. Currently, he maintained a body that was merely three meters or more in diameter.

There seemed to be parasites continuously squirming on the surface of the sarcoma. Even more terrifying were the countless tentacles of various sizes and lengths that extended from its surface.

On the far right was a huge eye hovering in midair.

It did not really look like a mammal's eyeball; it bore more resemblance to the eye of a gigantic fly. 

The entire eye was densely covered with countless tiny eyes. Each tiny eye seemed to be alive and could see at different angles.

Everybody present identified the four newcomers immediately.

They were the three-tailed snake lady, Silver Armor, Giant Sarcoma, and Crimson Eye.

Excluding the four four-faced individual and the Nine Gloom Vine, they were very clearly the remaining four overlords out of the six.

Although everyone had speculated that one of the four overlords would certainly come, no one had expected all four of them to show up. Not only that, they had all arrived at the same time.

As to what this meant, all those present could immediately guess.

These four individuals had secretly come to some kind of agreement for sure.

As expected, the four of them released their auras as soon as they showed up, not bothering to hide their arrivals at all.

In the presence of four overbearing, close to half-step lord-level auras released without concealment, more than half of the thousands present fell to the ground.

At such proximity, the only ones who could remain standing were basically high-level Heavenly Gods.

Fortunately, the four overlords did not maintain their auras for too long and began shouting right away.

An electronic synthesizer-like voice filled the air like muffled thunder, deep and low. 

"Four Face, Nine Gloom, hand over the items, and this matter can be entirely settled peacefully."

As soon as Silver Armor spoke, a response immediately came from the dense forest.

"We've already said that those were rumors spread by outsiders. What do you want us to hand over? We don't have the castellan's seal fragments at all!" The four-faced individual was the one who responded; he sounded as if he felt somewhat wronged. The reality was that he genuinely did not have the castellan's seal fragment in his possession.

"Whether you have the fragments or not, come out, both of you, and let us verify it. Then we'll know." it was Giant Sarcoma who spoke this time. His voice sounded like it had been squeezed out of continuously squirming flesh.

"Nonsense!" The Nine Gloom Vine's voice came right away, rejecting this suggestion.

"If both of you are recalcitrant, then there won't be any friendly way to resolve this matter." At this point, the three-tailed snake lady finally spoke up. From far away, her gaze cut through the distance as she looked in the direction of the four-faced individual, "Please listen to me. Stop being stubborn; let's settle this peaceably."

The four-faced individual locked eyes with her from far away as well. No matter what, he could not hate this woman. However, although she was the one who spoke, she could not change his stand.

"Since there's no friendly way to resolve this, let's fight then!"


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