Monster Paradise
1517 What A Savage!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1517 What A Savage!

In the void, a three-headed monstrous bird howled miserably as it frantically fled.

Large areas of the scales and feathers on its body were scorched black. Not only that, even one of its heads was gone.

If Lin Huang were here, he would probably have been able to identify that this monstrous bird being hunted down was called a Three-headed Owl. It was an aberrant species from the Abyss.

This type of bird could fly extremely fast, and its body stance and motions were like those of a demon. It moved silently and unpredictably, and its forte was assassination techniques.

Additionally, each of its three heads had individually mastered a type of Rule Bending Power from birth.

Usually, these types of Rule Bending Power were strength-type, illusion-type, and toxin-type.

Several extraordinary such Three-headed Owls could evolve into Heavenly Gods and condense Rule Bending Power into god sequence chains.

This Three-headed Owl being hunted down was one that had evolved into a Heavenly God.

Evidently, this battle had also caught the attention of several Heavenly God team leaders outside the secret territory.

"I seem to remember that initially, God Capital procured a batch of Three-headed Owls for experimental purposes, right?" The team leader of Xeno suddenly broached the subject.

"I remember this incident too. In the beginning, because of this, the price of Three-headed Owls shot up exorbitantly then. Many people headed into secret zones and ruins related to the Abyss especially to capture Three-headed Owls alive," the team leader of Precious Treasure Pavilion immediately chimed in as well. "At the time, we were wondering why God Capital was suddenly interested in Three-headed Owls, even purposely keeping dozens of them for research. We only found out later that the Owls were bought to be experimented upon."

"From the looks of it now, those experiments most probably failed." The team leader of Divine Clapnet smiled and glanced at the team leader of God Capital. It was rare enough to encounter an opportunity for a dig at God Capital, so of course, they were not about to pass it up.

The rest of the team leaders from the other organizations did not dare to speak, but most of them were secretly rejoicing.

God Capital had always taken pride in its pure blood. In fact, most of the God Territory organizations currently did not approve of this concept. What made individuals from God Capital even more unwelcome was the fact that its members were almost always flaunting their sense of superiority wherever they went.

Watching the team leader of God Capital being roasted right now, most of the team leaders from the various organizations present were feeling particularly invigorated.

Ten thousand years ago, a researcher in God Capital was suddenly inspired to experiment on monsters like the Three-headed Owls. The reason was that the three heads of the Three-headed Owls were born with the inherent ability to master three different types of Rule Bending Power.

The researcher conceptualized, therefore, that if they forcefully elevated Three-headed Owls to heavenly god-level, would it be possible for this monster to master three god sequence chains straight away at first-rank heavenly god-level.

If this experiment succeeded, based on the biological characteristics of the Three-headed Owls, they could further study how to bypass and break through the strength limits of body and soul to master multiple god sequence chains.

However, this experiment failed right from the very start.

After all the Three-headed Owls had successfully condensed a god sequence chain, they either elevated straight to heavenly god-level or were stuck at true god-level, unable to break through. Some of them also experienced an acceleration of their aberration after being forced to condense a second god sequence chain, and exploded to death.

As for three god sequence chains—not a single Three-headed Owl had successfully condensed even two god sequence chains at first-rank heavenly god-level.

After thousands of experimental failures, God Capital ultimately gave up on this experiment for lack of a better option.

As for the remaining experimental subjects, they were naturally tossed into the secret prisoner territory.

"The little princess from Nephilic Judge Tribe is performing quite well." The team leader of God Capital changed the subject right away, as it was Kylie, the little princess of the Nephilic Judge Tribe, who was hunting down this Three-headed Owl. "I heard that several of our dashing young talents have gone forward to propose to her?" 

The Nephilic Judge Tribe team leader's smile held a touch of awkwardness. "It's true."

"Her abilities are truly something else. She can be regarded as a top-tier True God." The team leader of the Combat God Temple nodded in satisfaction. "I heard that kid Zhan Kuang seems to be interested in her."

"It's not just Zhan Kuang. From what I know, there are many prodigies who adore this little princess." The team leader of Divine Clapnet smiled. "Although there are several of them who haven't expressed it yet, I anticipate that after this trip to the secret territory, they'll definitely make a move."

According to the insider information Divine Clapnet had received, many organizations actually had set their sights on Kylie. 

Some top-notch True God prodigies had not expressed their intentions yet, wanting to see for themselves whether this little princess was a phony or if she was genuinely that powerful. 

However, during this trip to the secret prisoner territory, Kylie had already demonstrated top-notch prodigy-levels of strength.

It was anticipated that several prodigies, who were originally watching from the sidelines, would take action soon.

Listening to the others' discussion, the team leader of Nephilic Judge Tribe merely laughed along without sharing his opinion.

They were clearly aware that this little princess had no intention whatsoever of marrying; when it came to the Nephilic Judge Tribe, she did not have much of a sense of belonging either.

How to convince her to marry was still a big problem.

From the moment she entered this secret prisoner territory, she vented all her emotions through hunting.

This three-headed monstrous bird before her was the prey that had given her the most emotional catharsis since entering the secret territory.

Although there was hardly any expression on her face, her every blow revealed her disp.l.e.a.s.u.r.e.

Although this Three-headed Owl could not be regarded as the most powerful amongst the first-rank Heavenly Gods in the secret prisoner territory, its overall abilities could be considered top-notch.

Normally, when it encountered other prisoners it could not afford to antagonize, it could hide or run away.

However, in front of Kylie, it had nowhere to retreat. It could neither hide nor escape.

Once electromagnetic induction was turned on, all its escape methods were useless in front of Kylie. In terms of speed, it did not have any advantages over her at all.

Since their initial encounter, the Three-headed Owl had been subdued into a state of subjugation all this while, to the extent it could not even lift its head.

The god sequence chain it had mastered was a type of toxin, but in front of Heaven's Punishment—the god chain Kylie had mastered—it was broken down by lightning straight away.

The small remaining part that had not been broken down was also isolated outside its body by Kylie's electromagnetic screen, which contained sequence power, making it hard to enter.

What was even more preposterous was the fact that Kylie was also wearing a full-body god sequence relic outfit.

From the crown on her head to her earrings, and necklace, to her battle armor and faulds, as well as the battle spear in her hand, her rings, then the high heels on her feet… All of them were god sequence relics.

Therefore, in front of this little princess from the Nephilic Judge Tribe, the only option that remained for the Three-headed Owl was to be pulverized.

The god chain, Heaven's Punishment, was extremely lethal to begin with, and it was a sequence that resulted in extreme agony. 

Every time Three-headed Owl was hit, it was no different from being tortured.

Each time it howled, it was due to the excruciating pain emanating from the depths of its heart.

Therefore, before it was hit more than twice, it knew that it was no match for Kylie and turned to flee.

However, it had not expected to be unable to escape.

This was because this woman was faster than it was…

After being chased like this for over twenty minutes, in the middle of its miserable howls, the Three-headed Owl's last head exploded in the lightning arc. It turned into a headless scorched corpse and collapsed onto the ground…Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click for visiting.

Watching this scene unfold, many Heavenly Gods outside the secret territory secretly thought, "What a savage!"


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