Monster Paradise
1512 Obsidian Dragon-being
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1512 Obsidian Dragon-being

"The rules of the game are very simple. All you need to do is to defeat it."

Virtuoso pointed at the third-rank Heavenly God prisoner who had been standing motionlessly to one side all this time.

"But I must let you know you that I've made some modifications to this creature, and it's far stronger than before. If you don't fight it seriously, you might very well die at its hands."

As soon as Virtuoso said this, Lin Huang noticed the prisoner slowly raising its head, its body already unleashed in combat mode. Scarlet eyes stared right at him. Simultaneously, a terrifying aura emanated from its body.

This was an Obsidian Dragon-being from the Abyss; under normal circumstances, they even looked somewhat human when viewed from a distance. The scales on their bodies were extremely fine, and if one did not look closely, this might appear similar to human skin. The only difference between themselves and humans was that they had a tail.

However, Obsidian Dragon-beings in combat mode were a different matter altogether.

Their bodies would expand to more than three meters in size, and the two eyes on their heads would split into four. The scales covering their bodies would revert to their original black rhombus-shaped structure. The shape of their bodies would also drastically mutate, their heads appearing similar to that of four-eyed monitor lizards with black scales.

Although this prisoner before him was already in combat mode, it also displayed obvious anomalies.

Lin Huang's sensing indicated that the aura around this prisoner was extremely dangerous, akin to a star on the verge of exploding.

The strength of the prisoner's aura practically broke through third-rank limits in an instant, then climbed all the way up. In the span of several breaths, it had surpassed fourth-rank and continued advancing toward fifth-rank.

Lin Huang also noticed that, even for his opponent, whose inherent physical body strength was in no way inferior to that of its dragonkin, its body was being pushed to its limit step by step, and wisps of black blood were starting to leak out from the cracks between the scales covering its body.

Although Lin Huang did not know the exact method that Virtuoso had used, he knew that this was definitely a technique that forcefully extracted one's potential. This type of technique would typically have severe repercussions.

Judging by this Obsidian Dragon-being's current state, if it were released from Virtuoso's technique, its physical body was likely to disintegrate straight away. Even worse, its soul might be immediately be dispersed as well. 

"This fellow…" Lin Huang's pupils narrowed slightly. He no longer had time to pay attention to Virtuoso anymore.

This was because the deadly aura emanating from this monster in front of him was already occupying his full attention.

Without waiting for his opponent's aura to reach its peak, Lin Huang could not help seizing the initiative to make his move first.

One hundred thousand telekinetic flying daggers shot out from his sleeve cuffs, transforming into one hundred thousand blood-red lightning arcs that rained down on his opponent.

The Obsidian Dragon-being did not dodge. As it saw the countless blood-red blades shooting toward it like lightning, it suddenly opened its mouth, inhaled a long breath of air, then suddenly let out an earth-shaking roar.


Circular sound waves spread out in all directions along with the bellowing. Those sound waves were even imbued with levels of sequence power, turning everything to dust wherever they passed.

Under the impact of the sound waves, countless telekinetic flying daggers were sent shooting backward, crumbling all over the ground. 

The attack of the telekinetic flying daggers, which had always worked in the past, was easily overcome by his opponent just like that.

Lin Huang frowned slightly. "Its consciousness seems to have already descended into chaos, but it can still perform such precise functions, and its timing is so precisely…"

He could not help but glance at Virtuoso, who was not far away.

It was impossible to tell whether Virtuoso was happy or sad under their mask, but their tone sounded relaxed. "Oh dear, you've discovered it so quickly.

"I forgot to mention just now. As I've done things that can't be disclosed to its body, its consciousness has descended into a state of chaos, and it's unable to fight normally. Therefore, I can only control its body and take over the work in this battle."

Initially, Lin Huang had only been guessing; he had not expected that Virtuoso would reveal the truth so easily.

This Obsidian Dragon-being was only a puppet.

Logically speaking, he should definitely first get rid of Virtuoso, the mastermind, without having to waste time on the puppet.

This idea also flashed through Lin Huang's mind, but he instantly rejected it. 

On one hand, the previous round of test attacks had already shown that his opponent would not be so easily dealt with. Until now, he was still unclear as to what method it had used to render his telekinetic flying daggers useless.

On the other hand, Virtuoso had already said that as long as he won this game, he would get some benefits in return. If such a good thing did exist, naturally, he was not about to pass it up.

However, this puppet under Virtuoso's control was truly a lot stronger than Lin Huang had expected.

"I've already said that I've hijacked the monitors. Rest assured that you can fully use your abilities without worrying about anything at all," Virtuoso continued after that, "Look at me. I've revealed my cards, and I'm not worried about being seen by the monitors."

Despite hearing Virtuoso's voice, Lin Huang remained unmoved. 

In fact, he knew that it was possible that there really was a problem with the monitors, otherwise, Virtuoso would not display this kind of ability.

One should know that the puppet Virtuoso was currently controlling was strong enough to go up against fifth-rank Heavenly Gods. This kind of power was already beyond all logic, even beyond the level that could be described by the word "genius".

This was so extraordinary that even a Lord would not be able to resist capturing it for a round of dissection.

However, Lin Huang still chose to proceed cautiously. Unless it was a last resort, he still did not wish to reveal his true abilities.

From his cuffs, even more telekinetic flying daggers shot out, surging toward the Obsidian Dragon-being like a wave.

One hundred thousand!

One hundred and fifty thousand!

Two hundred thousand!

Three hundred thousand!

The number of telekinetic flying daggers skyrocketed to a grand total of three hundred thousand but still had no effect on the Obsidian Dragon-being.

Thousands upon thousands of attacks did not even break through its defenses.

"You're completely wasting your Divine Power like this, and wasting your time and mine." Virtuoso was evidently very dissatisfied with Lin Huang's current performance. "With this level of attack, even if I don't control it to defend itself, you won't be able to break through its defenses either.

"Pull out your sword and show your true abilities!"

By the time Virtuoso finished speaking, they had already controlled the Obsidian Dragon-being to forcefully break through the circle of telekinetic flying daggers, swiftly approaching where Lin Huang was.

Lin Huang did not panic, and he still was not planning on pulling out his sword.

Telekinetic flying daggers shot out of his cuffs again like a school of fish.

This round, the blood-red lightning bolts were becoming sharper.

However, the Obsidian Dragon-being still under Virtuoso's control did not dodge and continued forcefully breaking through.

Blood-red lightning bolts compounded with three levels of sequence power flashed past the Obsidian Dragon-being's body, slicing through and leaving traces of black blood on its scales…

"At least this round of attack is starting to shape up, but if you want to force it to retreat, that's not enough!" Virtuoso continued shouting imperiously.

The figure of the Obsidian Dragon-being was getting closer and closer…

However, Lin Huang still maintained the same output, looking as if he had no intention of compounding an extra level of sequence power.

This continued until the Obsidian Dragon-being was in front of him, brandishing its heavy fists and preparing to burst open Lin Huang's head.

A cold expression flashed in Lin Huang's eyes. Suddenly, he raised his hands, and in a motion that seemed slow but was, in fact, swift, he tapped a finger on his opponent's heart.

A blood-red gleam beamed faintly from his fingertips.

The next instant, it was as if the Obsidian Dragon-being had been hit by a wave of massive force, and its body shot backward for dozens of kilometers, smashing through several mountain peaks…


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