Monster Paradise
1508 Eclipsing Everyone Else
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1508 Eclipsing Everyone Else

Stitch let out another mournful howl as two more of its heads exploded, sounding even more desperate than before.

Outside the secret territory, the group of Heavenly Gods was astonished. They really wanted to know what exactly Lin Huang was doing to Stitch, but they could not see anything through the cage of telekinetic flying daggers. They could only use their imaginations to fill in whatever they could not see.

"This harrowing shriek clearly doesn't seem like it's nothing."

"What on earth did he do to Stitch for it to screech so miserably?"

"Did he shove something up Stitch's anus?"

"Does Stitch even have an anus?!"


With the destruction of two more heads, Stitch very quickly displayed the loss of more abilities.

Its wings began to retract one after the other, and its figure plummeted to the ground. Only a few of its wings still retained their defensive abilities, but they could no longer flap or fly.

Obviously, the head that controlled Stitch's flight ability had been destroyed.

Besides that, Lin Huang noticed that its Divine Power had also become unstable.

Every time one of his own attacks hit Stitch, the strength of the Divine Power it exerted to defend itself was different.

At times, its Divine Power was easily breached by the telekinetic flying daggers, while at other times, it directly repelled them.

With the loss of its flight ability, Stitch's dodging capabilities had been weakened to the extreme. Although Lin Huang's telekinetic flying dagger attacks did not have a hundred percent success rate, it was well over 95%, and Stitch was, therefore, unable to avoid most of it.

On another front, Stitch's loss of control over its Divine Power also caused its defense systems to start becoming unstable.

Lin Huang's flying dagger attacks caused increasingly effective damage.

The increase of various disadvantageous factors made the scales of victory tilt in Lin Huang's favor.

Within less than two minutes, Lin Huang's telekinetic flying daggers breached Stitch's defenses once more and pierced through another one of its heads.

With the destruction of this head, the god sequence chains and Rule Bending Power in Stitch's body began to go haywire.

Knowing that it was now in desperate straits, Stitch began to ignore the barrier of telekinetic flying daggers, trying to forcefully break through the spherical area created by the telekinetic flying daggers and attack Lin Huang up close instead.

However, Lin Huang saw through its plan with just a glance, and there was no way he was willing to allow it an opportunity to carry out its intentions.

Whichever direction it moved, Lin Huang would boost the telekinetic flying daggers in that direction with the power of a second god sequence chain, forcing Stitch back.

Every time it tried to force its way through, it was helplessly forced back in turn. Sensing that not much Divine Power was left within itself, Stitch howled in despair.

Lin Huang's figure floated in the air outside the spherical area formed by the telekinetic flying daggers, continuing to wait indifferently for the end of this fight.

He did not feel any sympathy for Stitch. After all, it was an evil spirit type from the Abyss.

Nevertheless, he still acknowledged Stitch's abilities.

Outside the secret territory, the Heavenly Gods who were watching heard Stitch's yowls again, but they had been slightly desensitized by now.

Excluding the first ten minutes or so, it had only been about twenty minutes since the fight had started. After Stitch had been trapped in the space within the telekinetic flying daggers, they did not even know how many wails it had let out by now.

Practically every howl sounded utterly miserable.

"Although I don't know what exactly Xiu Mu did, I feel that Stitch is about to lose."

"I feel the same way. Stitch is screaming so miserably."

"This sound reminds me of my childhood and the Swine Beasts in the slaughterhouse who were still struggling, despite being bound and hung up from their hooves…."

"Now that you mention it, I think I haven't eaten Swine Beasts in more than eight thousand years. Once I'm done with work in the next few days, I'll have an all-pork feast!"

In the spherical space encaged by the telekinetic flying daggers, Stitch had basically become a moving target.

Although it had been forcing itself to move its body around, this was practically useless.

Blood-red gleams flashed rapidly in the void, leaving wound after wound on Stitch's body.

Under the attacks of the telekinetic flying daggers, Stitch's Divine Power was also rapidly being depleted.

Lin Huang did not ease up at all. He had no intention of giving the other party any chance to take a breather.

The telekinetic flying daggers poured down on Stitch like a torrential rainstorm. 

In the short space of less than five minutes, not a single inch of Stitch's body was left unscathed.

Another two of its heads had been destroyed one after the other, and only one final head remained.

This last head was in charge of its defense systems.

Stitch had lost all of its body functions and could not carry out even the simplest movements, completely becoming a stationary target.

Even so, Stitch still used its defensive wings, long since riddled with holes, to protect its last head.

Despite that, it was all in vain. In less than a minute, Lin Huang's telekinetic flying daggers easily tore through Stitch's last line of defense and pierced through its last head.

At this moment, the fatality notification finally appeared in front of Lin Huang.

Almost simultaneously, he also felt several god sequence chains containing massive Rule Bending Power surging into his body.

This round of hunting had directly skyrocketed the number of rules in Lin Huang's body by more than a hundred thousand types.

Even Lin Huang himself was a little surprised.

What he did not know was that while taking the limbs of others for part of its collection, Stitch would also devour their God Territories.

Now, however, all of Stitch's hard work had ended up going to Lin Huang instead.

The two hundred and seventy thousand God Rule Powers in his body had increased to nearly four hundred thousand in one shot.

"Given this sort of effectiveness, I just need to hunt three or four more monsters for my combat level to increase again," Lin Huang mused to himself.

Of course, he was aware that the main reason for the bountiful yield this time was because of Stitch's uniqueness. Other third-rank Heavenly Gods would not be able to give him the same amount of benefits.

With a slight gesture of his fingers, the telekinetic flying daggers that had formed the spherical space quickly returned to Lin Huang's sleeve cuffs.

With the spherical area gone, the numerous Heavenly Gods who had been watching the fight from outside the secret territory finally saw Stitch's body, now riddled with holes until it was practically a sieve.

A glimpse at the tattered state of Stitch's corpse was all it took for everyone to know that Stitch was as dead as one could get.

Although everyone had already anticipated this result from a few minutes ago, they still could not help being shocked when they actually got a look at Stitch's body.

'He really did it…' Even Buried Heaven silently whispered in disbelief.

For someone at true god-level to kill a third-rank Heavenly God was not something that had never happened before in the history of the God Territory, but the select few who had managed to pull off such a feat had gone on to become Lords without exception.

As for this secret prisoner territory, Lin Huang was the first participant to successfully hunt down a third-rank Heavenly God.

The team leaders of God Capital and the Combat God Temple, as well as other organizations who had top-tier True Gods from their organizations participating in this trial, all had peculiar expressions on their faces.

Initially, they were extremely confident in the participants under their respective commands, firmly believing that they would be able to put up a stellar performance during this trial and show off to all the other organizations.

The top-tier True God powerhouses under their commands also possessed the ability to hunt down first-rank Heavenly Gods and could even go up against many second-ranks.

However, after seeing Lin Huang successfully hunt down Stitch, they knew that the individuals they had brought along this time had become mere foils.

It was useless! This was an absolute defeat in terms of ability.

None of them would be able to hunt down a third-rank Heavenly God the way Lin Huang had.

Lin Huang's sudden appearance on the public radar had completely eclipsed everyone else's brilliance.


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