Monster Paradise
1507 Stitch“s Weakness
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1507 Stitch“s Weakness

Outside the secret territory, the Heavenly God team leaders who were watching the fight were not optimistic about Lin Huang.

"It's been more than ten minutes, and still not a single scratch on Stitch's body. If the current state of affairs drags on, Stitch will still be fine even in ten days or half a month, but lasting for more than even an hour could prove to be a problem for Xiu Mu."

"His telekinetic threads are certainly split into a great many strands, but his micro-level control over them isn't quite up to par, and his attack method is too straightforward." The speaker was a Heavenly God team leader whose main cultivation path was telekinesis. "Actually, even without an advantage in terms of speed, it wouldn't be difficult to besiege a not-so-bright fellow like Stitch. However, even if he manages to hem Stitch in, his Divine Power will hardly be strong enough to subdue Stitch until its Divine Power is depleted."

"Xiu Mu was just too arrogant and chose the wrong opponent. If he'd chosen just an ordinary third-rank prisoner as a target, he might still have had a chance of winning."

"Do you all think it's possible for him to turn the tables this round?" The team leader of Divine Clapnet glanced around and threw out the question with a smile.

Everyone shook their heads upon hearing this.

Only Buried Heaven and a few other people remained silent, not expressing any opinions.

At this moment, a Heavenly God team leader suddenly let out a low exclamation. 

"The flight trajectory of his telekinetic flying daggers has changed!"

Everyone immediately directed their gazes back to the monitor screen where Lin Huang was, only to see via the surveillance video that the flight trajectory of the telekinetic flying daggers—which had been frenziedly hot in pursuit behind Stitch—was becoming complicated and strange.

Stitch obviously had not adapted to this sudden change, and the number of hits it took began to increase abruptly.

Unlike their previous formation resembling a school of fish, the flight paths of the nearly two hundred thousand flying daggers had begun to become erratic. Some moved swiftly, while others moved slowly as if they had all fallen into an odd rampaging state, which made it completely impossible for Stitch to predict their movements.

In less than two minutes, the Patchwork Monster was surrounded by nearly two hundred thousand flying daggers, and the area within which to dodge also began to shrink rapidly.

At the sight of this, the face of the Heavenly God psychic on the outside of the secret territory turned red. He had only made one comment, saying that Lin Huang's grasp of Divine Telekinesis was not sufficient, and had ended up getting slapped in the face right the next second.

However, not many people paid any heed to his embarrassment, as almost everyone was staring at the surveillance video intently, wanting to know what would happen next.

Since Stitch was completely enveloped by the telekinetic flying daggers, its figure could no longer be seen from the monitor, but everyone outside the surveillance feed could still hear its furious howls.

Within the spherical space formed by the telekinetic flying daggers, Stitch tried to break free repeatedly but was blocked again and again.

It was like a trapped beast, struggling violently in alarm and fright.

For Lin Huang, however, the hunting for this prey was more than half completed.

His previous attacks had only been to test his opponent's speed, agility, defenses, weaknesses, various body functions, and other information.

Now that the investigation was complete, it was time for the actual hunt.

'Barring anything unexpected, its seven heads are probably its biggest weakness...' Lin Huang manipulated thousands of telekinetic flying daggers and began to attack the seven heads of the Patchwork Monster in front of him. He had secretly endowed two of the flying daggers with the power of two god sequence chains.

Just as Lin Huang had anticipated, if he targeted the heads of the Patchwork Monster, the other would rapidly increase its defense mechanisms.

Various techniques were used as defenses in an attempt to thwart Lin Huang's attacks and render them ineffective.

It had not been so obvious during the previous attacks, but right now, in this confined space, the Patchwork Monster was affected by its alarm and was increasingly protecting its heads undisguisedly.

As the telekinetic flying daggers approached, it dodged them with extreme speed, and several protective wings also went into defensive mode. It even stretched out its tentacles at the expense of injury to block the approaching flying daggers.

However, the trajectories of the telekinetic flying daggers were mysterious and unpredictable. Dozens of flying daggers searched for openings and broke through the Patchwork Monster's defense line, among them a flying dagger with two levels of sequence power.

After dozens of flying daggers bypassed the Patchwork Monster's heavy defenses, they went straight for its seven heads.

Just as the flying daggers were about to penetrate the seven heads, a thick layer of black scale armor suddenly appeared on the Patchwork Monster's seven heads.

The next instant, dozens of flying daggers swept through the air.

After striking against the black scale armor, the flying dagger with two levels of sequence power was only slightly hindered before piercing through one of the heads and causing it to explode. However, the other dozens of flying daggers with only one level of sequence power were blocked by the layer of scale armor, leaving only white marks on the black scales in their wake, unable to break through any further.

Lin Huang had already anticipated this.

He just raised his brow slightly, wanting to manipulate the flying dagger with two levels of sequence power into causing more of the Patchwork Monster's heads to explode.

However, right at this moment, the Patchwork Monster's remaining six heads simultaneously made a whistling sound.

A terrifying sound wave was unleashed, forcibly blowing away all the flying daggers that had broken through.

Lin Huang felt some slight regret that he had not been able to go a step further.

Outside the secret territory, the Heavenly God spectators could not see what was going on inside the cage of flying daggers, but they could still hear the whistling sound that the Patchwork Monster made.

The sound was brutal, but it also seemed to have an element of agonized whining.

"Is Stitch injured?!" Someone could not help exclaiming.

"This sound doesn't seem to be purely anger."

"Xiu Mu can't turn the tables again this time, can he?!"

In the secret territory, Lin Huang calmly looked at the Patchwork Monster who was standing opposite him.

'What was the function of the head that exploded just now, I wonder?'

He soon found out the answer to this question when the nine eyes growing from his opponent's head closed one after the other.

Lin Huang raised his brows slightly when he saw this. He knew that the other had lost its perceptual abilities.

Although he was not certain whether or not the other's lost ability would be allocated to its other heads, his opponent was in a state where its perception was obstructed, at least for a short while.

 As long as he attacked before this ability could be transferred, he would have the upper hand in this situation.

In other words, Stitch, who had lost its perceptual abilities, had been put at a greater disadvantage.

It had been able to effectively dodge and defend itself from Lin Huang's telekinetic flying daggers all this time by relying on its perception. Now that its perceptual abilities were gone, the efficiency of its evasive and defensive tactics would drop dramatically.

Lin Huang was obviously aware of this as well. After confirming that the other had indeed lost its perceptual abilities, he launched a second round of attacks without hesitation.

The cage—made up of nearly two hundred thousand telekinetic flying daggers—accelerated its whirling within the void, and tens of thousands of flying daggers transformed into blood-red lightning arcs, joining in to besiege Stitch.

Originally, Stitch had been able to avoid more than 90% of Lin Huang's attacks by dodging them but after losing its perceptual abilities, more than 80% of the other's attacks scored direct hits on its body.

The efficiency of Stitch's defenses was originally well over 90%, and it could easily block most of the telekinetic flying daggers that pursued it. Now, however, the efficiency of its blocking had dropped to less than 30%. Seventy percent of the attacks easily bypassed its defense systems and directly attacked the remaining six heads.

The two telekinetic flying daggers with two levels of sequence power also found an opening and shot through, piercing two more heads easily…


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