Monster Paradise
1504 Advancement To Third-rank!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1504 Advancement To Third-rank!

After Lin Huang had successfully killed a second-rank Heavenly God, the geniuses of the various large organizations could not sit still any longer.

Numerous True God peak powerhouses who had mastered Rule Bending Power to Fullness-level stopped warming up and familiarizing themselves with their surroundings. They began advancing into the Heavenly God domain one after another.

They knew that if they did not start killing Heavenly Gods now, they would be utterly left in the dust by Xiu Mu. They would have absolutely no chance if they tried to catch up with him later.

As for the many True God powerhouses who were below top-tier, they were starting to step up their game to kill True God prisoners. They were working hard to better their final hunting points so they could obtain a higher ranking.

Including Xiu Mu, there were no more than ten peak powerhouses. Even if they were unable to beat these individuals, it would still be good to get into the top ten. If this did not work out, getting into the top twenty would not be that bad either.

As for those below true god-level, many Virtual Gods did not really have much to do with the Gold Leaderboard.

However, they saw that the points for first place on the Gold Leaderboard had already reached four digits. Meanwhile, things were still in single-digit numbers over here on the Silver Leaderboard, and there was only a difference of several points between the top ten.

This ignited everyone's fighting spirit. 

After all, it was not the same as the massive difference in points on the Gold Leaderboard. The disparity in points over on the Silver Leaderboard had not yet widened to any considerable gap, and there were numerous top-notch powerhouses of similar ability, so the overall difference in ability was not very big. It was very hard to say who would take the top spot.

Outside the secret territory, the Heavenly Gods were enjoying the show.

Upon seeing that everyone's competitive spirit had been fired up by Lin Huang, they all felt that this was a good thing.

The secret prisoner territory was inherently a stage for individuals to showcase their ability and bring glory to their organizations.

All the team leaders of the various large organizations hoped that the trial participants they had brought along would give a stellar performance. After all, these trial participants were the central force of the entire organization and also its future.

Lin Huang was unaware of the changes that his participation had brought about in this trial. 

He continued, as usual, calmly looking for his hunting target. After completing the kill, he then looked for the next one. This process was repeated…

For killing all the second-rank Heavenly Gods, he used a thunder god sequence chain from start to finish and did not use any others.

Although he only used one god sequence chain, there were tens of thousands of telekinetic flying daggers imbued with Rule Bending Power. The highest number of them used even reached eighty thousand, with victory achieved through sheer numbers. 

This also perplexed the Heavenly God leaders watching outside the secret territory.

On one hand, they were astounded by Lin Huang's telekinetic control. On the other hand, they were also shocked by the strength of Lin Huang's telekinesis and the abundance of his Divine Power. Meanwhile, some of the Heavenly God team leaders were stunned by Lin Huang's wealth.

After all, god sequence relics used by Heavenly Gods were not cheap, and god sequence telekinetic weapon relics were even more valuable. Not only that, everyone could tell that this set of telekinetic weapons that Lin Huang used was not low-level.

There were even a few people who secretly speculated whether or not Xiu Mu might be a bastard son of either Buried Heaven or a Blood Sickle in Death Sickle.

In the secret territory, Lin Huang maintained an ongoing flow of killing second-rank Heavenly Gods.

For every second-rank Heavenly God that he killed, he could plunder about ten thousand types of Rule Bending Powers on average. After killing more than ten in a row, however, the Rule Bending Powers in his inner world had skyrocketed to more than two hundred thousand types, but his combat level was still not showing signs of a breakthrough.

He had been paying close attention to the number of rules in his inner world, all the way up until he killed the eighteenth individual. When the number of rules in his body increased to two hundred and seventy thousand, his combat level finally achieved a breakthrough. 

He had advanced from second-rank to third-rank true god-level!

"Is it in increments of three?!" Lin Huang had a rough idea about the rules of his advancement.

When he evolved to true god-level in the beginning, there were more than thirty thousand rules within him. His advancement to second-rank used ninety thousand rules, and his current elevation to third-rank used two hundred and seventy thousand. Calculating based on this pattern, his advancement to fourth-rank should require eight hundred and eleven thousand rules.

With this calculation in mind, Lin Huang continued hunting.

However, his hunting targets also began evolving from second-rank Heavenly Gods to third-rank Heavenly Gods.

There was no particular reason for this, merely the fact that third-rank Heavenly Gods contained more rules within their inner worlds. Thus, it was more efficient to plunder them.

Realizing that Lin Huang's movements were out of the ordinary once again, all the Heavenly God team leaders outside the secret territory shifted their eyes to his video projection once more.

"This flight route of Xiu Mu's seems to be heading toward the domain of the third-rank Heavenly Gods..."

"This guy can't possibly be thinking of killing third-rank Heavenly Gods, can he?!"

"He's only mastered one god sequence chain and wants to kill third-rank Heavenly Gods. I'm afraid that's going to be a bit difficult." The team leader of the God Territory shook his head slightly, evidently not optimistic about Lin Huang's behavior.

"At best, his abilities are at second-rank level. To kill second-rank Heavenly Gods, he relies entirely on the number of his telekinetic flying daggers to tire his opponents to death. If he wants to use the same tactic to kill third-ranks, I'm afraid that in the end, he'll tire himself to death." The team leader of the Combat God Temple also shook his head.

"It seems like no trial participant has ever challenged third-rank Heavenly Gods in the secret prisoner territory before, right?! Regardless of whether Xiu Mu succeeds in his challenge, just this attempt alone means he's surpassed all the trial participants before him." At this moment, the team leader of Xeno suddenly popped up to support Lin Huang.

"How do you know that Xiu Mu doesn't have other trump cards to play?" Divine Clapnet's team leader had a playful expression on their face. When they spoke, they even purposely glanced at Buried Heaven, who was not far away. Alas, they were unable to pick up any clues.

Out of the five major grade-7 organizations, four had already indicated who they were rooting for.

Seeing that many people were sneaking glances at them, the Heavenly God team leader of Precious Treasure Pavilion chuckled and spoke.

"I won't share my opinion and offend people. If any of these trial participants were to evolve to lord-level one day, they'll be a big customer of our Precious Treasure Pavilion. However, if all of you really want to keep arguing, I'm actually happy to be the host and open up a new round of bets.

"Let's raise the stakes for this round and only accept high-level god sequence relics—three items to start with!

"Those who are interested are welcome to play."

The moment the Heavenly God team leader of Precious Treasure Pavilion spoke, everyone fell silent.

These initial stakes caused the Heavenly God team leaders of several grade-5 organizations to shiver in their shoes. They did not even dare to speak, as all the high-level god sequences relics they had on them probably added up to only about three to five items.

As for the team leaders of the grade-6 organizations, they remained silent as well. For most of them, these were extremely cut-throat stakes.

As for the several grade-7 organizations, they too said nothing more. 

It was not that they were unable to afford the stakes, but they were unsure whether or not they could win.

The two team leaders of the Combat God Temple and God Capital who had been humiliated by Lin Huang earlier were still slightly psychologically affected.

Although they had said that they were not optimistic about Lin Huang, they had a vague feeling in their hearts that this fellow probably had more trump cards to play. Perhaps he really might succeed in killing third-rank Heavenly Gods.

Although the team leaders of Xeno and Divine Clapnet said that they were optimistic about Lin Huang, their logic was also telling them that Lin Huang's chances of winning this round were not high. He had probably never even thought about successfully killing third-rank Heavenly Gods and just wanted to give it a try.

As soon as the Heavenly God team leader of Precious Treasure Pavilion spoke, no one responded for a while.

After a long while, seeing that no one was saying anything, Buried Heaven finally reached forward and took out the storage ring from before.

"I bet that Xiu Mu will win!"

Everyone instantly looked at Buried Heaven.

However, the Heavenly God team leader of Precious Treasure Pavilion did not take the stakes from Buried Heaven, scanning the crowd over instead. "Does anyone bet that Xiu Mu will lose?! If there are none, this round of bets can't be placed."

Still, no one answered for a long while.

Even the team leaders of the several grade-7 organizations were avoiding the eyes of Precious Treasure Pavilion's Heavenly God. 

"If you all don't take part, then don't blame me." The Heavenly God team leader of Precious Treasure Pavilion spread their hands toward Buried Heaven.

Upon seeing this, Buried Heaven took the storage ring back and did not speak anymore.

Many of the Heavenly God team leaders were secretly speculating about whether or not they had been fooled by Buried Heaven—or did Xiu Mu really have the ability to kill third-rank Heavenly Gods?!


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