Monster Paradise
1503 Hunting Down Second-Rank Heavenly Gods
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1503 Hunting Down Second-Rank Heavenly Gods

"How on earth did he pull that off?!" 

"I don't know either. Did he succumb to the illusions and then break free of them, or did he not fall prey to Evil Eye's illusions in the first place?!"

"His spirit strength can't be that much stronger than Evil Eye's, can it?!"

Outside the secret territory, the group of Heavenly God team leaders saw Lin Huang's sudden counter-attack, and their faces were filled with shock. Even Buried Heaven was no exception.

They could not figure out at all why Lin Huang was not affected by Evil Eye's illusions.

With Evil Eye's spirit strength and the compounded effect of its two god sequence chains, the illusions that it created would affect even a lot of second-rank heavenly god-level powerhouses if they were not careful.

However, what they did not know was that Lin Huang's spirit strength was stronger than Xie Lin's, and his spiritual dimension was guarded by a spirit-type God Weapon that was comparable to a top-tier god sequence relic. (TN: We believe this is an author typo, and that instead of Xie Lin, it should be 'Evil Eye' as the Chinese character for 'evil' is the same as the character for 'Xie'. However, we have opted to translate it as is.)

This made Lin Huang completely immune to all spirit-type attacks from low-rank Heavenly Gods.

Evil Eye's illusions had indeed been unleashed, but the God Weapon had made Lin Huang directly immune to it.

Lin Huang remained where he was after Evil Eye activated its illusions, not because he had been caught in them but because he was distracted with checking the God Weapon's immunity effect.

He found that when his spirit strength was close to third-rank heavenly god-level, the God Weapon was immune to all spirit-type attacks from first to third-ranks. Moreover, this function of the God Weapon would only continue to increase alongside his own spirit strength.

When encountering opponents like Evil Eye, whose only forte lay in psychic-type techniques, most others would not touch them with a ten-foot pole, but to Lin Huang, they were like a meal served to him on a silver platter.

Those in the outside world were baffled, but Lin Huang was in a very good mood.

Finishing off Evil Eye had Awwnot only allowed him to successfully advance to second-rank, but it had also allowed him to figure out the way to continue his advancement.

'Turns out, my advancement depends on the number of rules within my inner world... At first-rank, more than thirty thousand rules were consolidated in one go, and I was only able to advance to second-rank when the number increased to ninety thousand. I don't know how many rules are needed to advance to third-rank…'

Although Lin Huang grumbled about this in his heart, he was not at a loss, however.

Now that he knew what to do to advance his levels, there was no need to ruminate over specific numbers. Besides, all he needed to do was to continue hunting down Heavenly Gods and plundering the rules from their inner worlds. As long as the number was sufficient, his combat level would naturally increase.

He just had to let nature take its course.

After obtaining the memories from Evil Eye's corpse—which had now turned into a pile of rotting flesh—and storing the body away, Lin Huang continued to head toward his next hunting target.

Outside the secret territory, Buried Heaven—who had once again won a fortune—put away his storage ring under the envious gazes of everyone else.

Quite a few people were still having a discussion regarding the exact technique Xiu Mu had used to avoid Evil Eye's illusion attack.

Buried Heaven remained where he was with a neutral expression, not participating in any of the discussions because he also did not know what exactly Lin Huang had done just now.

However, this battle had finally eased all his worries about Lin Huang.

Being able to kill Evil Eye meant that Lin Huang's abilities were already sufficient for him to run rampant among first-rank Heavenly Gods.

He did not need to worry about any slip-ups on Lin Huang's part anymore.

No one placed any bets during Lin Huang's next two hunts.

Lin Huang's performance was still stable and strong, and any opponents he encountered were eliminated within seconds.

In the short span of less than a day, he had already hunted and killed ten first-rank heavenly god-level prisoners, accumulating more than 1,000 hunting points and leaving everyone else far behind.

The other participants in the secret territory had practically become numb to this.

No one could have predicted that a dark horse such as Lin Huang would be so powerful that he could crush the prodigies trained by other organizations. Even several top-tier True God contenders with abilities equivalent to Heavenly Gods had been suppressed to the point that they could not even lift their heads.

After hunting and killing ten first-rank Heavenly God prisoners, Lin Huang's flight path once again aroused heated discussion among the many Heavenly Gods outside the secret territory.

"This route of Xiu Mu's—he's not trying to hunt down second-rank Heavenly Gods, is he?!"

"Looking at the direction he's moving in, it seems he really is heading toward the domain of the second-rank Heavenly Gods!"

"Is it because he feels that first-rank Heavenly Gods aren't challenging enough, so he wants to challenge stronger opponents?!"

"He was able to kill Evil Eye, which is enough to prove his abilities. I think it won't be difficult for him to hunt down regular second-rank Heavenly Gods."

"Judging from his previous performance hunting first-ranks, he probably still has a lot of energy left. I also want to see what exactly the limits of his abilities are."

Surprisingly this time, in regards to Lin Huang's decision, none of the Heavenly God onlookers raised any objections. Practically everyone was optimistic about the results of Lin Huang's next hunt.

Given the figurative slaps in the face that they had received previously, the two team leaders of the Combat God Temple and God Capital did not voice any more opinions. No one was sure if they were inwardly optimistic about Lin Huang or not. 

As everyone was unanimously optimistic about the outcome, the next wager could not be started.

Everyone stared at the surveillance video. Lin Huang had been traveling swiftly for more than an hour, and had finally entered the territory of the first second-rank Heavenly God.

After an intense battle that lasted for more than half an hour, he successfully finished off his opponent.

Lin Huang's score increased by 200 points.

The Heavenly Gods who had been watching this battle were also debating about it.

This was because Lin Huang had only used one thunder god sequence chain from start to finish.

"Being able to kill second-rank Heavenly Gods is already not bad at all. It's considered on par with the previous record of a successful challenge by the highest combat strength."

"He relies entirely on the number of his telekinetic flying daggers to crush his opponents. This method is probably not that effective when going against a top second-rank powerhouse because there's a high chance of it being restricted by the opponent's speed or whatever other advantages they have."

"The strength of Xiu Mu's Divine Power, as well as the amount of his Divine Power, far exceeds that of an average True God, but no matter how strong he is in these two regards, there's still a limit. After all, he's only a True God. If he were to encounter an opponent who's able to take him on, the odds of him losing are also very high. The longer the fight goes on, the more disadvantageous it is to him."

While the numerous Heavenly Gods outside the secret territory were having their discussion, there was also uproar within the secret territory.

All the other contestants had been paying attention to the way Lin Huang's points skyrocketed.

Practically everyone noticed when his score went up by 200 points.

"If his score went up by 200 points in one go, does that mean he's successfully hunted down a second-rank Heavenly God?! Or did he kill two first-rank Heavenly Gods at the same time?!"

"This fellow has actually started hunting down second-rank Heavenly Gods already! It's still only the first day since the secret territory has been opened!"

"Hey hey, do you have to be so desperate?! I was initially planning on staying uninvolved and just minding my own business, but now I'm a little embarrassed about slacking off because of you."

"Is this fellow genuinely not cheating in some way?! Why have we never heard the name 'Xiu Mu' before this?!"

Naturally, Kylie and Bloody had also noticed Lin Huang's performance on the leaderboard.

Kylie, clad in battle armor with a battle spear in hand, stood stock-still on the spot as she stared at Xiu Mu's name on the leaderboard, making no movements at all for a long time.

Somewhere else, Bloody only briefly glanced at the leaderboard before putting the projection away, the corners of her lips quirking up slightly.


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