Monster Paradise
1502 Advancement to Second-Rank
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1502 Advancement to Second-Rank

Following the route from the memories that he had acquired, Lin Huang quickly found his next target—Evil Eye.

He already had an understanding of Evil Eye from the information provided by Buried Heaven.

Although it was a first-rank Heavenly God, Evil Eye had been born as a quintuple mutated evil spirit type. Moreover, at first rank, it had already mastered two god sequence chains.

Evil Eye's greatest forte was the two god sequence chains it had mastered—one was an illusion-type while the other was an enchantment-type. These two types complemented each other; not only could the effects be compounded perfectly, but they also made up for each other's shortcomings. When both these sequence powers were compounded, the effect exceeded even the compounded effects of many second-rank Heavenly Gods' god sequence chains.

This was also why Evil Eye had been able to control several second-rank Heavenly Gods when it had newly entered this secret prisoner territory.

However, even after Lin Huang had found out about this evil spirit type's forte, he still chose not to bypass it. Instead, he continued to follow his original route and even included Evil Eye on his hunting list.

In fact, this course of action was rather baffling to the many Heavenly Gods outside the secret territory.

Some believed that Lin Huang had chosen Evil Eye as his target because he wanted to prove that he was more powerful than all the previous True Gods.

However, Buried Heaven did not think this was the case. He did not know Lin Huang on that deep a level, but he did have a general idea of the other's personality. He knew that Lin Huang was not the kind of person who would do something unprecedented, just to make himself stand out. If he decided to do something, it was usually because he wanted to, which had nothing to do with how others perceived it.

This was also why Buried Heaven was more confused than the rest. Try as he might, he could not understand it—why would Lin Huang choose such a challenging hunting target?!

What was even more puzzling to him was the fact that Lin Huang had dared to challenge this Evil Eye. What on earth was he counting on?!

In the surveillance video, Lin Huang had swiftly intruded into Evil Eye's territory.

As a being whose spirit strength was at second-rank heavenly god-level, Evil Eye had detected Lin Huang's intrusion very early on.

If this had been the outside world, it would have been itching to attack Lin Huang ages ago.

However, there were rules in this secret prisoner territory. Heavenly god-level powerhouses were not allowed to attack participants first unless confirmed that they were the participant's hunting target.

Evil Eye still had lingering fears from its last suppression by God Capital and naturally did not dare to cross the line. If the other party was merely passing through, and it took the initiative to attack them, that would only cause God Capital to send another powerhouse to suppress it.

However, Lin Huang's intentions were very clear. After he had sensed Evil Eye's location, he turned his flight path straight toward it.

Evil Eye could not help getting excited by this.

It could clearly determine that the other was targeting it.

One must know that it had been many years since it had last battled participants from the outside world. However, it still clearly remembered just how delicious the participant that it had eaten previously tasted.

At the thought of the delicacy that was the Divine Power within a Protoss' body, it was so excited that it could not help its tentacles from swaying about.

Evil Eye had just gotten excited when it noticed that a figure had suddenly appeared not far in front of it. Fixing its gaze on the newcomer, it was shocked to see that this was the participant from just now.

As it could not take the initiative to attack, it could only suppress its excitement as it carefully took stock of the other party.

The strength of the other's aura was only that of an ordinary ninth-rank True God and was nothing special. Based on his aura alone, he was practically the weakest of all the hunters who had challenged it.

Evil Eye speculated that the other was either extremely arrogant or had some special technique up his sleeve. However, it thought that the former was more likely.

At the same time that Evil Eye was sizing Lin Huang up, Lin Huang was also sizing it up in return.

Evil Eye was a giant eyeball with a sinister crimson pupil, about three meters in diameter, just floating in the air. Attached to the back of the eyeball was a large slab of scarlet flesh with hundreds of tentacles extending from it...

It was definitely a horrifying sight.

Moreover, Lin Huang could clearly sense that this Evil Eye in front of him had an aura strength that was much stronger than that of the Heavenly Gods he had previously hunted. In fact, its aura was practically almost as strong as that of a second-rank.

'It seems the rumors are probably true but based solely on its aura, its abilities won't be weaker than most average second-rank Heavenly Gods...' Lin Huang made this deduction in an instant.

Sensing that Lin Huang's energy was locked onto it, Evil Eye was overjoyed and launched an attack without hesitation.

Both of its pupils suddenly radiated red light, just like a scarlet full moon lighting up the night sky.[1] The hazy red glow shone silently, illuminating an area that was several dozen kilometers in radius.

Lin Huang was not exempt from being enveloped within the glow…

Being locked onto by the other's energy meant that the other party was targeting it, so Evil Eye had no hesitation in making the first move.

Initiating the first move under these circumstances was implicitly allowed according to the rules of the secret territory.

The rule of not being allowed to make the first move was only in effect when one was unable to confirm the participant's intention, as the other party could just be passing by. Once the participant's hunting goal was clear, however, the prisoner who was being targeted would be allowed to take action first.

The establishment of this rule was to mainly prevent bored fellows from mindlessly provoking the Heavenly God prisoners.

Those outside the secret territory witnessed Evil Eye suddenly attacking, while Lin Huang merely remained where he was without doing anything at all.

Numerous Heavenly Gods watching the fight felt their hearts sink.

Although many of them had bet on Evil Eye during the wager, most of them still hoped to see Lin Huang continuing to make miracles happen.

Even if he was not a member of their own organizations, it was still a good thing for the God Territory to have another gifted genius like this.

Most of them did not want to see Lin Huang killed here.

Despite that, all the Heavenly God team leaders also knew that if he failed to make the first move against Evil Eye, there would be practically no chance for him to turn the tables.

It would only be possible to break free from the illusions Evil Eye had put in place if the person's spirit strength was stronger than Evil Eye's.

"Xiu Mu hasn't moved at all for the last three seconds. He's obviously succumbed to the illusions. This battle has lost all its suspense," the Heavenly God team leader of the Combat God Temple murmured colorlessly.

"Senior Buried Heaven, should we intervene now?!" The Heavenly God team leader of God Capital asked.

Buried Heaven frowned slightly. He had not expected that Lin Huang could not withstand even this first testing round.

Just when he was deliberating whether or not they should wait and see, in the surveillance video, Lin Huang suddenly raised his head and looked at Evil Eye.

"Is this your most powerful technique? It seems what I expected from you was a little too high."

As soon as he said this, tens of thousands of scarlet gleams shot out from his sleeve cuffs and instantly engulfed Evil Eye.

In less than a moment, Evil Eye's corpse—now resembling a puddle of pulverized meat—tumbled down from mid-air and onto the ground.

Two god sequence chains, as well as a massive number of Rule Bending Powers, began surging wildly into Lin Huang's body, and the God Territory within him also started to expand once again...

The number of Rule Bending Powers soared from more than eighty thousand types to ninety thousand types almost instantly.

At this moment, Lin Huang sensed that the ninety thousand-plus Rule Bending Powers had begun to feedback a wave of special energy directed toward his own body and soul.

His Divine Fires surged again, and his Divine Power began to transform. Even his physical body and soul seemed to have been bathed in that surge of special energy, advancing to a new level.

By the time the transformation was complete, Lin Huang could clearly feel that he had become stronger once again.

"I've finally advanced to second-rank!"

Only at this moment did Lin Huang finally figure out the way to advance his levels as a True God.

[1] This appears to be a mistake by the author; earlier it was stated that Evil Eye had a single pupil. We have opted to translate it as is.


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